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“You have done well, earthling, but I shall now have to exterminate you all for taking so long! ... ... ... Er, have you kids seen my laser anywhere? ... ... ... Ah, it must be on the ship. Your race is spared for now, earthling.”
Alph, Banjo Tooie

Alph is one of the three aliens on the UFO in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. You have to activate all four generators with Ice Eggs in 20 seconds to power up the ship, allowing them to leave. They will give you a Jiggy in return and head to Hailfire Peaks to find their children.

While searching for their alien kids, Alph falls off the ship in Hailfire Peaks and dies, forcing Mumbo to use his magic to revive him. He then asks you to find all of the children. Once you do so, you'll get a Jiggy. After the task is done, Alph exclaims that it was done too slowly and says he will destroy the world, but finds that the weapons on his UFO aren't working, so he just decides to leave the Earth.

In the Terrarium of Terror, Alph is not in the water with the others, but on land. In a mission, Boggy asks you to take him to where the others are. Alph and the other aliens' names are a play on the first Greek letters Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

It is interesting to note that while Alph only mentions three aliens by name and there are three in the character parade, there are actually four aliens in the UFO. The reason for this mistake is unknown.