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The Amaze O' Gaze Glasses are given to Banjo and Kazooie by Goggles, one of Bottles's children in Banjo-Tooie. They allow Banjo or Kazooie to zoom in or out using C left button (N64) and C right button (N64) while in first-person view. (This is also done by pushing up and down on the Right thumbstick in XBLA)

However, this ability isn't entirely useful until Jamjars teaches Banjo and Kazooie the Egg Aim move, where the Amaze O' Gaze Glasses can be used to make hitting enemies with Eggs much easier.

It is recommended that you get the Amaze O´ Gaze Glasses the first time you visit Bottles' House because after you win the Tower of Tragedy game his house is no longer open, and there is no way to get inside, making the Amaze O´ Gaze Glasses lost forever.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビックリ・じっくりメガネ
Bikkuri Jikkuri Megane
Amazing Thorough Glasses