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The Ancient Swimming Baths are a location in the Atlantis area of Jolly Roger's Lagoon. It is a small ancient area sealed by a door that must be blown off using Kazooie's Talon Torpedo. A Split-Up Pad can be found here, as well as a few Keelhauls, Frazzles, a Minjo, and a Cheato Page on a ledge.


  • The Split-Up Pad could suggest that the Cheato Page was meant to be obtained by Kazooie's Glide ability, but the earliest time in the game the player can get the Cheato Page is after obtaining the Clockwork Kazooie Eggs, as the Clockwork Kazooie's can collect items like any other playable character.
  • The player can also control Banjo only for this task. To reach the Cheato Page, just step on a small pillar near the entrance, jump and use the Pack Whack ability learned in Witchyworld, jump again and grab on the ledge and immediately collect the Cheato Page. This task can be done without revisiting this area and the use of Kazooie's glide or the Clockwork bomb.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese こだいのおフロ
Kodai no Ofuro
Ancient Baths