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A prototype of Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge exists with a version of 0.37.08 and has some notable differences from the final release of the game. This page has just the more major differences, but a full list of them can be found at The Cutting Room Floor:


Kazooie's flying ability is included in this build and was planned to be unlocked in Freezing Fjord (an early version of the icy part of Freezing Furnace). This also meant that red feathers were also available. However, the flying ability was removed later on as the developers found the fixed top-down perspective too confusing during flight.

Two worlds became one[]

Freezing Furnace, the fifth world in the final game, was originally designed as two separate worlds, with a icy world called 'Freezing Fjord' and a lava world called 'Fiery Furnace'. Due to the space constraints of the GBA cartridge, they were condensed into one world for the final game.

Freezing Fjord[]

Freezing Fjord is the fourth world in this prototype of the game, placing it after Bad Magic Bayou and before Spiller's Harbor. While it shows some similarities to the icy part of the final Freezing Furnace, it also features areas that didn't make the cut.

Fiery Furnace[]

Fiery Furnace is the sixth and final world in this prototype and it's entrance is located in the lava area in the north east of Spiral Mere. The graphics for the terrain in this world are incomplete meaning some sprites display as blocks of colour.