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The Banjo-Tooie Official Player's Guide is a strategy/walkthrough guidebook released in 2000 to accompany the release of Banjo-Tooie. The book was created as part of the Nintendo Power magazine and provides a detailed guide to every aspect of the accompanying game, including how to obtain every collectible, how to control the game and more.


The book begins with a short introduction to the guide before explaining the basic information a new player would need to play the game, including the main characters, basic and advanced controls, Humba Wumba transformations, items and more. The largest section of the book is dedicated to the walkthrough of the game, guiding the player through the overworld and various levels, providing instructions to obtain each and every collectible accompanied by helpful maps and visual guides. Throughout the book, several unique graphics and artwork pieces are displayed to add context to the game and Banjo universe, including a large fold-out map of the entirety of the Isle O' Hags. The final section of the book, or "Eggstra Attractions", outlines the bonus features and secrets of the game including replay mode, multiplayer mode and Cheato codes.


  • Publisher - M. Arakawa
  • Associate Publisher - Yoshio Tsuboike
  • Editor In Chief - Scott Pelland
  • Lead Writer - Drew Williams
  • Writers - Alan Averill, Jason Leung, Jennifer Villarreal
  • Editor - Jessica Joffe Stein
  • Copy Editor - Robert Miskimon
  • Production Coordinator - Corinne Agbunag
  • Design & Strategic Layout - V Design
  • Art Director - Yoshi Orimo
  • Graphic Designers/Illustrators - Sonja Morris, Adam Crowell, Makikazu Ohmori, Deanna Robb
  • Maps - Cory Conner, Bert Kimura, Kirk Labrake, Aaron Lundquist
  • Art Director - Kim Logan
  • Senior Designer - Jim Catechi
  • Designers - Tim Garret, Rebekah Lane, David Waterworth
  • Prepress/Design Assistant - Christopher Shepperd
  • Prepress - Joel Harris, Andy Meyers, Estela Sandoval, Van Williams
  • Game Consultants - Chris Campbell, Thomas Hertzog, Michael Leslie, Teresa Lillygren, Ken Lobb
  • Sales & Marketing Manager - Jeff Bafus
  • Production Specialist - Machiko Oehler
  • Special Thanks - The Banjo-Tooie team