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  • Yawn...What do you want Kazooie?
  • I'm Banjo, and this here's my buddy Kazooie.
  • What was all the noise about, where's my sister Tooty?
  • (accepting training from Bottles) We'd like some help Bottles, what do we do?

Spiral Mountain[]

Learning moves in Spiral Mountain

  • (learning the camera controls) Errr...Anyone home?
  • (learning the swimming controls) Oooh...Sounds difficult, and I'll get my fur wet!
  • (learning the attack controls) What is it...I must know!
  • (learning the attack controls) Sounds good, what can I try it out on?

Exiting Spiral Mountain

  • (if training was accepted) Thanks Bottles.

Bothering Bottles

  • (if training was denied and after talking to Bottles 5 times) No! We're sorry Bottles, we won't do it again!

Mumbo's Mountain[]

Learning moves in Mumbo's mountain

  • (learning the wading boots controls) That sounds useful, how does she do it?

Bubblegloop Swamp[]

Learning moves in Bubblegloop Swamp

  • (learning the wading boots) O.K. Chicken... Err, Kazooie...Let's go grab a pair!

Gruntilda's Lair[]

Inside the Lair

  • (opening the first note door) How many do we need?

At the top of the Lair

  • (talking to Dingpot) Errr, she said that we're looking for Gruntilda, do you know where she is?
  • (talking to Dingpot) Don't worry Dingpot, we'll sort her out if you can find us a way up there!
  • (talking to Dingpot) C'mon Kazooie, you get a chance to peck the witch's butt, let's go!

Fake Ending[]

Grunty's Furnace Fun Game Show

  • Which prize shall we take, Kazooie?
  • I think we should take Tooty...
  • Kazooie!!!
  • Sure, let's get out of this dump!

Spiral Mountain

  • Ouch! Yes you are, let's go!


  • Ahhh...This is great! Have we finished now Tooty, can I relax?
  • That's enough Kazooie, let's all watch the cast list now...
  • Oooh...Did you hear that Kazooie? We're going to be in another game!
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces weren't collected) Err...I don't think so. We only got [number of jigsaw pieces collected] of them...
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) We sure did, Mr. Mumbo!
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected/N64 version) Banjo-Tooie! Sounds great, is it any good?
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected/XBLA version) Sounds great, is it any good?
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) Wow...A secret cavern!
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) Gulp...It looks rather high...
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) That's Wozza's Cave...
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) We've already been in here...
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) Corrr, a giant ice key!
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) Kazooie!!!
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) I wonder what's in here?
  • (if all 100 jigsaw pieces were collected) Wow! How do we get to those?



  • He's right, Kazooie. There goes your birdseed money!
  • P-perhaps one of us s-should g-go t-take a l-look outside...
  • Sure was noisy. Let's go take a look, Kazooie.
  • Kazooie!!!
  • He's right! Quick, everyone out!
  • Well, at least everyone got out safely...
  • It's worse than that......Grunty's killed poor Bottles!
  • Kazooie!
  • Sigh... I've a feeling it's not going to be so easy this time...

Spiral Mountain[]

  • Talking to Cheato
    • (talking for the first time) You mean a cheat?

Isle O'Hag[]

  • Fighting Klungo 1
    • (before fighting) Hmm, I don't recall anything like that happening.
    • (after fighting) Why don't you run off, and we'll forget this ever happened?
  • Talking to King Jingaling
    • (talking for the first time) Your kingdom seems a bit empty.
    • (talking for the first time) Oh dear...
    • (talking for the first time) Jiggy who?
    • (talking for the first time) Can you show us the way, King Dingaling?
  • Exiting King Jingaling's Throne room
    • Not bad for a king, huh?
    • Let's go and find that jimmywiggy then...
  • Bottles' house
    • Talikng to Mrs. Bottles
      • Pretty good, Mrs. Bottles. And yourself?
      • Keep quiet, Kazooie!
      • Er, I'm sure he'll be back soon Mrs. B.
    • Talking to Goggles
      • Hi, Goggles!
      • How do they work?
    • Talking to Speccy
      • Hi, Speccy!
      • I'm sure he was... Er, is!
      • He opened it up especially for us...
  • Talking to Lowly disciple of Jiggywiggy
    • Do you think we are worthy?
    • That sounds familiar.

Mayhem Temple[]

  • Talking to Jamjars
    • Not too good.
    • Playing cards actually.
    • Sounds good to us, Jamjars. Why not teach us a few now?
  • Entering Targitzan's really sacred chamber
    • Yep, we'll have the game finished in no time!
  • Talking to Mumbo
    • We've got a glowbo.

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge[]

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[]