Banjo-Kazooie Wiki

“You're not that vicious. You don't even know how to roar properly, do you?”
A Bargasaurus, Banjo-Tooie

A Bargasaurus is a burgundy-colored spiky-tailed type of enemy found in Terrydactyland whose design is drawn heavily from stegosaurs, an infra-order of herbivorous dinosaurs. The name "Bargasaurus" come from the fact that when they see Banjo and Kazooie, they chase them and barge into them with their heavy bodies. This type of baddie is relatively weak and its large body presents an easy target, but it is quick on its feet and can often unexpectedly come at the duo from behind.

While it is still damaging if touched, the Bargasaurus will not attack Baby T-rex Banjo. In fact, a Bargasaurus will teach Banjo how to roar after criticizing his apparent meekness. However, when faced with the adult version of the bear-turned-dinosaur, Bargasauruses flee, unlike the unfortunately dim-witted Soarasaurus.