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“This fine contraption so I'm told, will make me young and Tooty old!”
Gruntilda talking about the Beauty Transfer Machine, {{{3}}}

Beauty Transfer Machine

The Beauty Transfer Machine is a machine that Gruntilda attempted to use in Banjo-Kazooie to transfer her ugliness into Tooty and Tooty's beauty into herself. It consisted of two pods, one for each person to be placed in. With the press of a button by her henchman Klungo, the ugliness and beauty of each subject would be transferred to the other. If the player receives a Game Over and Grunty wins, she'll turn into a pretty and thin witch while Tooty becomes a fat and ugly monster. However, Gruntilda's evil motives were foiled by Banjo and Kazooie and Tooty was saved.

According to the manual, even before Gruntilda learned of Tooty outranking her in beauty, Gruntilda was already planning on snatching up a denizen of one of various worlds to act as a test subject for the machine, and that said machine was largely created specifically so Gruntilda could one-up her sister Brentilda.


  • The machine's design may be a reference to the 1958 movie The Fly, its sequels, and its remakes in later years.
  • Apparently a side effect of anyone who used the machine is that their irises turn red, as both Gruntilda and Tooty in the game over sequence were depicted as having red eyes after their respective traits were swapped.