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The Bikini Girl (as she is unofficially known) is a minor character in Banjo-Kazooie who appears during the ending sequence of the game. The swimsuit model walks across the sandy beach holding a tray of fruit for the victorious bear and bird.


The Bikini Girl appears during the scene where Mumbo Jumbo shows Banjo and Kazooie his secret pictures of the game's legendary Stop 'n' Swop items.


Bikini Girl (2)

She doesn't really give the fruit, but the view is OK, too...

She is a young woman with short blond hair (in a style resembling that of Gruntilda after the Game Over), a tanned complexion, green eyes, and is clad in a red two-piece bikini. She carries a platter with delicious fruit (melons, bananas, and coconuts) for the heroes of the game.


  • It's believed by the Banjo-Kazooie community that the beach the Bikini Girl is seen walking on is a scrapped part of the BETA Hammerhead Beach world.
  • An unused music track titled "Babe" is believed to have once been meant for her. Though Grant Kirkhope stated he had no idea what the theme was for.
    • Also, because her name is unofficial, it is possible that her name could simply be Babe.
  • She is one of the few human characters in the series.
  • It's probably no accident that the watermelons she are carrying right in front of her breasts is an undercover rude humor joke put in by the creators. The Rareware team often pulled stunts like this throughout the Banjo-Kazooie and yet somehow still maintained an E rating.
    • The game's composer Grant Kirkhope has stated in playthrough episodes that he had been apart of (more specifically Game Grumps and Super Beard Bros.) that Nintendo didn't like the presence of the Bikini Girl due to her revealing breasts, so the developers replaced the drinks on the tray with melons to cover them up. [1] [2]