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The Bill Drill is a variation of the Beak Buster ability where Banjo and Kazooie will spin rapidly in the air and drill into an object rather than just pounding it. It is primarily used for breaking boulders which are too strong for the Beak Buster alone to handle. It can also be used to unscrew bolts in Grunty Industries, and it also deals a significant amount of damage to enemies, though its long windup and extended animation make using it as an attack tricky. It can be learned in Glitter Gulch Mine and is performed by jumping with A button (N64) and holding Z button (N64).

Jamjars' Rhyme[]

This makes breaking so
much fun,
now listen up to how it's
Leap high in the air and
then hold Z button (N64)
watch Kazooie spin and
drill with her head!

The rhyme assumes the reader pronounces "Z" as "zed", as is done in British English. As a result the rhyme does not function in American English.

In Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, this ability replaces the standard Beak Buster and is mostly used to open crevices and shake items down from trees and statues. It is performed by pressing L button (GBA) after jumping or while in the air. Banjo and Kazooie learn the Bill Drill from Bozzeye in Bad Magic Bayou for the price of 170 Musical Notes. It may also be used as an attack, and while it deals a killing blow to most any enemy, using it can sometimes be difficult and impractical.