Black Snippet
Snippet Black
Enemy from the Banjo-Kazooie series.
Game(s) Banjo-Kazooie (XBLA)
Location(s) Treasure Trove Cove
Hitpoint(s) 4
Blacksnippet icon

Although it is never mentioned in the cast reel and apparently has no official name, the Black Snippet is a tougher, darker-colored Snippet that can be found exclusively in the Sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove.

This mean old crab is much stronger than a regular Snippet, taking a whole five Blue Eggs just to kill; even the Beak Buster is not enough to take it down in one hit. It guards the Jiggy behind the metal gate within the Sandcastle until Banjo and Kazooie solve the puzzle of the Sandcastle's tiled floor. if they kill this enemy with the Wonderwing then it will drop out two Honeycomb instead of one.


  • The Black Snippet speaks in rhyme like Gruntilda does.

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