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Blackeye's Song was a fully voice-acted musical interlude that would have featured in Dream[1], presumably in the N64 iteration of the game given the storage space that its audio files would've required. The song was composed by Grant Kirkhope and primarily sung by Leigh Ray[2], one of the game's artists who was quite good at sounding salty an' scurvy-ridden. The song functioned as an introduction to Captain Blackeye's character, and the sequence featured motion-captured animation. Apparently the team really enjoyed recording the song - it's likely all of them joined in when singing the chorus! The sequence inspired Banjo-Kazooie's intro concert, which at one point also featured voice acting and motion-captured animation (the latter of which is still partially present in some of Banjo's hip gyrations).[3] The song's lyrics were shared by Gregg Mayles in 2017.[4]


Grant Kirkhope has confirmed that the score for this piece is not the "Blackeye" track that he uploaded to his website - it was a separate track.[5] Grant has been unable to find the sound samples used for the song's voice acting/singing, but it seems he believes they still exist somewhere.


Verse 1

Blackeye's me name
Piratin's me game
There ain't no-one can stop me
One man who tried made me lose me eye
Now he rests at the bottom of the sea

Wind in me sails
Scurvy sea-man's tales
There ain't nothin' I likes better
Treasure ahoy
Enough for all me boys… well
After I gets mine first

Chorus (sung by crew)

Blackeye, Blackeye
Somebody help us please
Blackeye, Blackeye
Lock him up throw away the key

(Spoken) What's all this "lock me up" nonsense? I'll keel hawl the lot o' ye!

Verse 2

Through wind and rain
Me seamen take the strain
A seadog's life's a hard one
But I'll keep them in check
While I'm safe below the decks
Keeping me eye on the grog

Chorus (sung by crew)

Blackeye, Blackeye
His grog never stops its flow
Blackeye, Blackeye
Listen !#$? there she blows

Chorus (sung by crew)

Blackeye, Blackeye
Always munching pies
Blackeye, Blackeye
Lean right !#$? or we'll all capsize

Alternate/Additional Lyrics[]

These lyrics were written in pencil on the lyrics sheet - it seems likely that they're updated versions of the printed verses, though its also possible that they're verse variants and both versions are supposed to be sung. 

Through wind 'n rain
I take all the strain
A seadog's life's a hard slog
But they'll keep it in check
Whale I'm safe below the deck
Keeping an eye on our grog

On drinkin' there's a ban
But I'm workin' on a plan
So I'll have a mug or two
Time for a snooze
T' work off the booze
Then back t' work… yawn… after I've 'ad another few

On drinkin' there's a ban
But I'm working on a plan
So I'm 'aving a drink or five