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Osamjoy2 Osamjoy2 1 April

Banjo Art

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ReverieCode ReverieCode 22 February

Wiki Representative

Hi, everyone! My name is ReverieCode, and I'm a Wiki Representative from Fandom.

I wanted to let you know I've just been assigned to the Banjo-Kazooie Wiki, to be your point of contact with Fandom if the wiki is ever in need of assistance. I'm taking over from your previous Wiki Manager because of some reorganization going on with Fandom's teams (more information can be found in this post).

If you experience any technical issues, need a feature/extension enabled, or have any other questions (about templates, wiki design, etc.), feel free to drop me a message. I'm pleased to be here, and hope I can be of help :)

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Bocaj910 Bocaj910 18 July 2010


Okay, I know you don't me, I know I don't know you. In summary, I'm a user who is very, very fond of the Banjo-Kazooie series, and has an idea that has never been done before, at least in this sort of way, and I think you'll enjoy it.

Have any of you ever played Paper Mario? It's quite an enjoyable game as well, and I always thought Banjo-Kazooie and Paper Mario would be interesting, if they were put together. Well, I decided I would, so now I am creating Paper-Kazooie. It is very early in progress, but here is the wiki that will show you my latest progress in the game, which really isn't much.

[1] (Please forgive me if the link was incorrect)

The main plot would revolve around Gruntilda, a year after Banjo-Tooie, still wanting her body back.…

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Recgameboy Recgameboy 25 June 2010

Banjo-Kazooie questions

What is your favorite world from a "TRUE" BK game??????????? -Rec

Also, who is your favorite charatcer??????????? -Rec
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Recgameboy Recgameboy 25 June 2010


Just to help, but there are ALOT of unused Jinjo pics here, I've been adding some, but I'd appriciate some help, thanks. -Rec

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Mr.kazooie Mr.kazooie 28 May 2010

Mr.kazooie's blog postin' isle!

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Dr. Mingy Jongo Dr. Mingy Jongo 4 May 2010

New Here and I seem to have trouble across making a Userpage

Well I would like to provide of things from Banjo-Kazooie and Tootie and display what I want on it like

Favorite Hero

Favorite Boss

Favorite World

Hated world

and other things

If anyone could help me with this I'll be very happy and might do some things to help this place.

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Cosmic boshi Cosmic boshi 5 April 2010

Who's the real sonic?

Hint: Above

Yep, And whever finds him gets a SPECIAL prize!! Guess in the comments!

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Cosmic boshi Cosmic boshi 22 March 2010

Endless list of thing that would REALLY tick off L.O.G.

NO CURSING. the only rule.

post ur own in the comments.

1.burn a copy of pong

2.Run him over

3.Eat a copy of BnKNandB

4.say "im the lord of games!" in front of him

5.scream "LOG IS LOGGO!!!!"

6.Make him realize that HE created the CD-i

7.Use a gameshark 2 inches in front of his face

8.Make him realize he is the most evil (supposebly) good guy ('cause he ruined Banjo and Kazooie games forever)

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Cosmic boshi Cosmic boshi 7 March 2010

Mumbo Theorys

You know the beta grumblins? And how they were almost completely another mumbo? Well, i noticed something. On the back of beta grumblins, there is two eye-like anttenas. They might possibly be mumbos face! Maybe if you killed them in the beta, they're skull would fall off, revealing they're face!! Well, that's just a theory, but it could help us find out about mumbo's real face!!

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HomsarHedgehog(Real DK Junior) HomsarHedgehog(Real DK Junior) 12 October 2009

What Banjo and Crew do in IRC Volume 1

honeyisgood99: Hello, Welcome to the Honey_Eaters_Channel.

dragonbree79: Banjo, why did you pick that name?

jinjy95: Yo, King Jingaling here!

eekum58: Mumbo say hi!

dragonbree79: ...

honeyisgood99: :D

dragonbree79: Duh, I'm Banjo, I like to pick stupid channel names on IRC.

eekum58: Duhhh... Mumbo Kazooie, Mumbo insult people!

dragonbree79: ?

honeyisgood99: Mumbo, it only works if you say "I'm" in place of your name...

Full version coming soon...

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HomsarHedgehog(Real DK Junior) HomsarHedgehog(Real DK Junior) 22 September 2009

Banjo-Kazooie theories. Part 1

Fungus Forest:

You may know this as Fungi Forest from Donkey Kong 64, Fungus Forest was origionally a level in Banjo-Kazooie. (Or "Dream" as it was then called.) Fungi Forest is speculated to have been where Click Clock Wood's jigsaw is now. However, there wouldn't be enough room for a proper entrance. If Fungus Forest were in corporated with another level, It probably would've been another level with moss on the walls, maybe the jigsaw would've stayed here, but the level wouldn't. Let's take a look at Clanker's Cavern beta, shall we?No doubt from looking simply at one picture, you would see this as Fungus Forest, BUT, think about both. the moss is a different kind, no way Both theories are true.

Considering it's presumably related to this, …

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