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Devil Bottles

Devil Bottles

Bottles' Revenge is a secret game mode which was not made playable in the final version of Banjo-Tooie because it was not completely debugged. It is uncertain exactly what would trigger the event, but Bottles' ghost would become evil and adopt a devilish appearance, usually known as Devil Bottles. This Devil Bottles would follow the player around and take possession of the nearest enemy, allowing a second player with another controller to take control of it and use it to attack Player 1. The intention was that, should an enemy controlled by Devil Bottles successfully defeat Banjo, the second player would control Banjo instead and the first player would now be able to use Devil Bottles.

If player 1 enters a boss fight, Devil Bottles will disappear until the fight is over. Rare has stated they originally intended to have Devil Bottles control bosses as well, but since they believed that the disruption of a boss' attack pattern raised the difficulty too much, they left it out.

Bottles Revenge

Devil Bottles attacking Banjo with an Ugger

Curiously, although Bottles' Revenge is not unlockable by normal means, it still remains within the game and can be played using a hacking device such as a GameShark or by playing Banjo-Tooie on an emulator, such as Project64. However, this does not appear on the Xbox Live Arcade version of Banjo-Tooie.


  • Although Devil Bottles was removed, his talk icon can be seen in Tower of Tragedy in both the Nintendo 64 version of Banjo-Tooie and the XBLA version while the player guesses the answer to whatever question Grunty asks.
  • The Bottles' Revenge idea was likely carried on into Perfect Dark as Counter-Operative. A similar gamemode where the second player controls the enemies to try and stop the first player.
  • He is not known to possess certain enemies, such as any Stationary Giant ones such as Blubbul.
  • Although Devil Bottles' intention is to possess enemies to attack Banjo, the first enemy he will possess just stands there and doesn't do anything, so you could use Bottles methods to your advantage and decrease the amounts of enemies to worry about. Devil Bottles can also be used to help distinguish real Jinjos from the hostile Minjos, since he'll only possess the Minjos.
  • A possible reason Rare had thought of Bottles' Revenge was Bottles' spirit trying to get back at Kazooie because of Kazooie cheating in the opening cutscene and for insulting him in the first game and this one. After all, because of her cheating, Bottles didn't believe her actual warning about Grunty, so he might blame Kazooie for his death.