Bramble Field
Bramble 2
Game(s) Banjo-Kazooie
World(s) Click Clock Wood
Jiggies involved 0
Bramble 1

A Picture of Mumbo's Skull at the back of the Bramble Field.

The Bramble Field is an area of Click Clock Wood. It is a fairly large area of thorny plants that will hurt Banjo at about a rate of -1 energy per 3 seconds. The first time Banjo falls in, Grunty will say "My bramble field makes you yelp, and loss of life it sure does help!" Though it can be quite dangerous, Mumbo's Skull is at the back, so at times it is necessary to venture here. The only time Banjo does not get hurt is when he has been transformed into a bee in spring, or when the Bramble field has been covered in Snow in Winter.
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