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The Breegull Blaster is an ability learned in Mayahem Temple in Banjo-Tooie. With it, Banjo can hold Kazooie like a rifle and use her to fire Eggs while in a first-person view.

This move is automatically executed when the pair enters certain special areas, and cannot be used outside these areas. It allows Banjo and Kazooie to move around and fire eggs quickly without having to stop, but an obvious downside is that no other moves can be performed while the Breegull Blaster is being used (other than the Beak Bayonet, a melee jabbing technique), although areas which use the Breegull Blaster are designed around its use and as such the use of other abilities isn't necessary.

The Breegull Blaster is used in Targitzan's Temple, the Ordnance Storage, Chompa's Challenge, Clinker's Cavern and parts of the Hag 1 battle.

The Breegull Blaster is one of only two moves in the game that can be performed by characters other than Banjo and Kazooie (although not in regular gameplay), being used by Mumbo Jumbo, Jinjo (must be unlocked), Jamjars and Gruntilda in three of the multiplayer mini-games. The other move is the Beak Bayonet.


Since the Breegull Blaster is, in essence, a different mode of gameplay, it has multiple controls:

  • Control Stick (N64) to move
  • Z button (N64) to shoot eggs
  • R button (N64) (tap) to choose egg type (as normal)
  • R button (N64) (hold) to activate ADS sights
  • C up button (N64) and C down button (N64) to aim vertically
  • C left button (N64) and C right button (N64) to strafe
  • B button (N64) for Beak Bayonet
  • A button (N64) to open doors (Targitzan's Temple only)

Jamjars' Rhyme[]

Here's a move that's a
load of fun,
now use Kazooie as a
hand-held gun!
Z button (N64) fires eggs both high
and low,
Targitzan's Temple in you
can go!

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge[]

Breegull Blaster can also be learned from Bozzeye. Unlike Banjo-Tooie, this move can be accessed in any place. It also replaces normal egg shooting completely. This makes for great gameplay, as now you can move just about anywhere and blast opponents with ease.

Banjo-Kazooie Trivia[]

  • A glitch to rapidly fire Grenade Eggs while in Breegull Blaster mode can be easily accessed. The player must have a rapid shooting egg like Blue Eggs or Ice Eggs (Golden Eggs won't work though). Start shooting them rapidly, and then immediately press R button (N64) to switch to Grenade Eggs, and keep tapping Z button (N64). Because the game had been firing rapid Blue Eggs, now you can rapidly fire Grenade Eggs, compared to usually only firing 1 every few seconds (note, they must be continuously be fired, or else they will revert back to being slow). This is an incredibly useful move, especially in multiplayer shootouts, as you can light up a room with explosions rapidly and tear through areas. The only downside is that it doesn't take long to tun out of bombs.
  • Breegull Blaster controls very similarly to Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark. Two games also made by Rare.