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Bullion Bill is a fox and a prospector of Glitter Gulch Mine. When he is met for the first time, he is sad because Dilberta, his "Rodent Pardner" as he calls her, has gone missing, so he asks Banjo and Kazooie to help find her. When she is rescued from Mayahem Temple's Prison Compound and returns to Glitter Gulch Mine, he is happy once again and rewards Banjo and Kazooie with a Jiggy.

Bullion Bill also owns a storage shed with live dynamite that are out of control inside and are threatening to destroy the shed. Unfortunately, the dynamite cannot be destroyed by normal means as the unstable dynamite would explode and create a chain reaction that would destroy the entire shed. Therefore, the only way to clear the shed is by disarming each stick of dynamite using Kazooie's Beak Bayonet. Once all the dynamite within the shed has been safely disarmed, Bullion Bill rewards the duo with another Jiggy.


(If Banjo and Kazooie meet him for the first time)

  • Bullion Bill: Howdy!
  • Banjo: Who might you be?
  • Bullion Bill: Ah'm Bill.
  • Kazooie: I'll bet your other name is gold-related. What is it? Gold Bar Bill? Klondyke Bill?
  • Bullion Bill: Nope. Bullion Bill's mah name!
  • Kazooie: Thought so.
  • Banjo: What's up, Bill?
  • Bullion Bill: Mah rodent pardner, Dilberta, went looking for gold, but she's been gawn far too long.

(if Banjo and Kazooie already used the Bill Drill on the boulder that blocks the shortcut between the Mayahem Temple's Prison Compound and the Glitter Gulch Mine's Prospector's Hut)

  • Banjo: We saw a rat in prison earlier, didn't we, Kazooie?
  • Kazooie: Yep, a quick call to 'X-Terminators R Us' sorted that one out.
  • Bullion Bill: You don't mean...?
  • Banjo: Oh, you'll have to excuse my feathered friend. She's only joking.
  • (Dilberta comes from the shortcut)
  • Kazooie: I think I can hear her now...

(if Banjo and Kazooie didn't use the Bill Drill on the boulder that blocks the passage)

  • Banjo: We'll keep a lookout for her.
  • Kazooie: Not so fast, Banjo! Make sure he makes it worth our while!
  • Banjo: Oh, okay. Can we have a prize if we find her?
  • Bullion Bill: You city folk are all alike! I wonder where she could be?


  • "Bullion" is another word for bars of gold or silver.
  • Bullion Bill's name might be a reference to the famous outlaw, Buffalo Bill.