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The Central Cavern is a large, cavernous area in Cloud Cuckooland.

It is one of the two points to have a Warp Pad in Cloud Cuckooland. It has lots of entrances to parts of Cloud Cuckooland outside. There is a large vault in the corner of the area where you have to find 4 switches to unlock it, and a Jiggy will be inside. There is also a move to be learned as Banjo, using the Floatus. There is a large pool with a Glowbo at the bottom. There is a Jinjo that can be reached by gliding as Kazooie, or shooting a Clockwork Kazooie Egg. There are a lot of areas that lead to places such as Mumbo's Skull, Mr. Fit's 3rd challenge, and the cheese wedge.


  • Cloud Cuckooland is the only world with only two warp pads rather than 5, due to either the world being smaller, or because of time.

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