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Cheese Wedge

Banjo and Kazooie charge at the Cheese Wedge in midair.

A large Cheese Wedge exists as one of the many bizarre attractions in Cloud Cuckooland in Banjo-Tooie, and later as a Banjoland feature in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.


Cheese Wedge 2

Banjo and Kazooie on top of the Cheese Wedge.

Viewed from above, the block of cheese is somewhat shaped like a shield. The cheese appears to be Swiss (due to the many round pits and holes) and is mouldy, with green growths all around it. The platform containing the cheese can only be accessed by flight or by climbing a beanstalk.

Inside the Cheese Wedge, the air is toxic enough to force entrants to hold their breanth and thus use oxygen, with the smell visibly wafting in columns. The floor of the cheese is squishy. The only "inhabitant" of the wedge is a Jinjo on an elevated ledge. Four halved onions float around the inside, serving as predictable moving platforms, though they have spikes on the surface and are thus hazardous terrain. An enclosed alcove contains a Jiggy. There are two Egg nests within craters on the bottom floor.

To the Cheese Wedge's left outside are a foursome of Feather nests, and to the right is a Flight Pad.


Inside the Cheese Wedge

Banjo inside the Cheese Wedge.

All of the collectibles within the Cheese Wedge can be obtained by Banjo alone, though he must use a pre-hatched Floatus Floatium Creature to access the area via the beanstalk. Banjo must then use the Shack Pack or Sack Pack to climb up the onion platforms to reach the elevated ledge, where he can free the Jinjo. Then he must use the Shack Pack to go through a hole that leads to a path outside, a walkway around the cheese's exterior sealed in by a red wall. This portion is also considered fresh air. Returning inside the cheese at the other end of the path leads to the enclosed alcove with the Jiggy.

Alternatively, a Clockwork Kazooie Egg can reach the Jiggy. However, it is possible that using one may result in the squishy floor not responding as expected when control is restored to Banjo and/or Kazooie, which can cause them to fall through the floor.


The Cheese Wedge returns in Banjoland, although it is drastically different. It is made entirely out of metal plating and now has a ramp-like shape. On the back is a red paraffin wax that features a dull white circle, and a Jiggy in its center. The artificial cheese is located near the Click Clock Wood and Freezeezy Peak exhibits, and the cheese is also depicted on a portrait of Cloud Cuckooland.


  • In the XBLA port of Tooie, the Feather Nests next to the cheese are reduced to two, for unknown reasons.
  • There exists a Gameshark cheat code specifically to force gameplay inside the cheese wedge to 60 frames per second, where otherwise the framerate is quite unstable due to the squishy ground and overlaid smell graphics. It's unclear why such a specific code was developed.