Cheese Wedge

Banjo and Kazooie charge at the Cheese Wedge in midair.

A large Cheese Wedge exists as one of the many bizarre attractions in Cloud Cuckooland in Banjo-Tooie, and later as a Banjoland feature in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.


Cheese Wedge 2

Banjo and Kazooie on top of the Cheese Wedge.

Viewed from the top when in Flight, the cheese is in a shield-like shape. The cheese, evidenced as Swiss cheese due to the number of holes in it, appears to be in decay, as what appears to be green mould growth is abundant all over the cheese inside and outside of it. When Inside the Cheese Wedge, Banjo's oxygen depletes at a steady pace, due to the strong odor it produces, likely due to decay as mentioned before. The aroma is so strong that the cheese emits it from the ground inside (in a fashion resembling a smole signal). The cheese is squishy in texture. Inside, there are also two Egg nests at the bottom floor.

The only "inhabitant" of the Cheese Wedge is a Jinjo, which, depending on how many Banjo has collected, may be the last necessary to complete the family. There are also four non-living floating platforms that resemble halved onions, with spikes on the fresh half. This forces Banjo, if alone, to traverse the four of them using his Shack Pack or Sack Pack, and can make reaching the top difficult. Upon reaching the top, a tiny hole will bring Banjo outside the Cheese Wedge to clearer air, sealed into the cheese by a red force field. He can then enter a new hole back into the stinking air to grab one of the game's ninety Jiggies.

To the Cheese Wedge's left are a foursome of Feather nests, and to the right is a Flight Pad, although Banjo must return to the wedge with Kazooie to use it.


Inside the Cheese Wedge

Banjo inside the Cheese Wedge.

Either Banjo or Kazooie can go inside together, or the bear and bird can split up to require that Banjo use a Floatus Floatium Creature from the Central Cavern over to a distant purple ledge, where he can then climb a beanstalk to reach the Cheese Wedge. Banjo and/or Kazooie must proceed inside, and while minding his precious oxygen, he is required to use his Sack Pack or Shack Pack abilities (if he is alone) to jump on top of a floating onion platform, and then jump from platform to platform. The first of these platforms lowers to the ground, swoops to one side and then back, and carries passengers back to the second platform in midair. Banjo, if alone, must repeat this by jumping on the third platform, which is also moving, and then jump from the fourth platform to a "cliff", then proceed in Sack Pack form through a tiny hole to reach clearer air outside.

Alternatively, a Clockwork Kazooie Egg can reach the Jiggy.


The Cheese Wedge returns in Banjoland, although it is drastically different. It is made entirely out of metal plating and now has a ramp-like shape. On the back is a red paraffin wax that features a dull white circle, and a Jiggy in its center. The artificial cheese is located near the Click Clock Wood and Freezeezy Peak exhibits, and the cheese is also depicted on a portrait of Cloud Cuckooland.


  • In the XBLA port of Tooie, the Feather Nests next to the cheese are reduced to two, for unknown reasons.
  • The Cheese Wedge and Toxic Gas Cave are the only areas in Banjo-Tooie where Banjo and Kazooie can lose their air supply in and these areas aren't underwater areas.
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