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“Hey! I don't recall you paying for a tour of my volcano! I'm gonna burn your furry hide...”
Chilli Billi, Banjo-Tooie

Chilli Billi is a fiery red dragon with a long neck, a comparatively tiny body and is the boss of the Lava Side of Hailfire Peaks. He lives at the top of the volcano on the lava side. He is the brother of Chilly Willy, the boss of the Icy Side of Hailfire Peaks. Similarly, he has a big head and a small body like his brother. If fought before Chilly Willy, he will have 6 HP; if fought after his brother, he will have 12 HP.

If he is fought first, he assumes Banjo and Kazooie came to deliver his "12-Foot Spicy Meat Special Pizza." However, Kazooie tells him they do not have his pizza, so Chilli Billi says he will eat them instead. If he is fought after Chilly Willy, he remarks that they must be the same bear and bird that defeated his brother. Kazooie says that his brother tried to eat them. He says that he had also ordered a pizza and, seeing that the bear and bird have none, decides to attack them. Similarly, if Banjo and Kazooie fight him after being defeated by Chilly Willy, he says that his brother told him about them and then he will attack.

He attacks by spitting balls of fire. The only way to damage him is to shoot Ice Eggs into the large cannons that appear around the volcano (which can also be used as cover from the fireballs). These will in turn blast gigantic ice eggs at Chilli Billi. The cannons disappear after each of them has hit Chilli Billi three times. After he is defeated, Chilli Billi decides to get a takeout instead. If Chilly Willy was fought first, Kazooie stops him, saying that since they have beaten both of them, they should get a trophy. Chilli Billi replies, "A trophy huh? Well, all I got is this..." and gives them a Jiggy. He then flies away deciding to get some of Big Al's Burgers.


If Banjo-Kazooie are on the volcano:

Chilli Billi: Hey! I don't recall you paying for a tour of my volcano! I'm gonna burn your furry hide...

Introduction (first time, first encounter):

Chilli Billi: Ah... At last! You must be the pizza delivery boy.
Banjo: No, just the local Jiggy hunters.
Chilli Billi: Lies! I bet you've got my 12-foot Spicy Meat Special in that backpack.
Kazooie: 'Fraid not, wartface.
Chilli Billi: Then I'll eat you instead!

Introduction (first time, Chilly Willy defeated):

Chilli Billi: You must be the pizza delivery boy that beat up my poor brother!
Banjo: He tried to eat us.
Kazooie: I suppose you'll be wanting pizza too?
Chilli Billi: Yes, please. I ordered a Spicy Meat Special.
Kazooie: Well, tough. We've got none.
Chilli Billi: I'm sure you have! Give me my pizza!

Introduction (second and subsequent times):

Chilli Billi: Have you got my Spicy Meat Special Pizza yet?
Banjo: Sorry, no.
Chilli Billi: Then I'll feast on your furry hide once more!

When struck by an egg that doesn't damage Chilli Billi:

  • Chilli Billi: That feeble egg won't hurt my fiery body!

When struck by a ice egg:

  • Chilli Billi: Brrrr... so cold!

When Chilli Billi decides to lick the duo:

  • Chilli Billi: I'll soon have you licked...

When Chilli Billi is defeated but not yet Chilly Willy:

  • Chilli Billi: Enough! I've changed my mind. Forget the pizza, but I'm sure my brother will still want his...

When Chilly Willy and Chilli Billi are both defeated:

  • Chilli Billi: Stop it! I don't want pizza anymore...I'll go and get a takeout instead...
  • Chilli Billi: A trophy, eh? I've only got this...

After Chilli Billi flies off after defeat:

  • Chilli Billi: Hmm... I reckon I'll go get a couple of Big Al Burgers...

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チリービリー
Chilli Billi
Hot Spicy Dragon
Spanish Chilli Billi
Dragón Caliente y Picante
Hot and Spicy Dragon
French Chilli Billi
Dragon chaud et brûlant
Hot and Burning Dragon
German Erich Eiss
Höllisch Heißer Drache
Erich Ulcer
Hellishly Hot Dragon
Italian Al Foco Al Fire