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Chompasaurus is an aquatic reptile resembling a plesiosaur who lives in the lake inside the mountain of Terrydactyland. Despite being given the title Stomach-Cramped Carnivore, he isn't a boss. When you first encounter him, he swallows Banjo and Kazooie whole. However, once they're inside, Chompasaurus explains that he has a stomach problem and that he needs their help, in exchange for not digesting them, which leads to an FPS minigame. Once the job is done, Chompasaurus spits the duo out and rewards them with a Jiggy (which he originally thought was a biscuit).


  • Can you hear me in there? I won't digest you if you help me out with my little stomach problem. Do you want to hear what you've got to do?
  • These nasty Blaarg ulcers keep appearing from my stomach lining and they really hurt. I want you to shoot them before they disappear again. Blue ones are worth 3 ones are worth 2 points...and red are only worth 1 point. If you can score 75 points, you'll ease the pain a lot.
  • Ready? 3...2...1...go!
  • Ah, that feels better! I swallowed this awful thing earlier - thought it was a biscuit. Please take it with you when you leave.
  • Do you want to play again?


  • During the Character Parade, Chompasurus is seen with a caveman that is labeled "Lunch," which he will eat.
  • One strange thing that ought to be noted is where exactly Chompasaurus comes from. If one goes swimming underwater in the same area, he is nowhere to be found. Also there aren't many rivers that lead into his cave (only one).
  • Chompasaurus might be an Elasmosaurus.