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“I'm on vacation, trying to photograph those lovely paintings on the wall down there.”
Chris P. Bacon, Banjo-Tooie

Chris P. Bacon is, as his name suggests, a pig. You'll find him dangling in a cage in Temple of the Fishes in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, Atlantis. Even though you find him in a cage, your job is not to help him out of the cage, but to protect him from nasty fish when he is lowered down into the water to film the walls (using a Nintendo Gameboy and Camera pak). To kill the fish, shoot them with Eggs. Also, Piggles or Trotty may presumably be his child. He wears blue flippers, goggles with a blue snorkel, and swimming trunks with the Union Jack on them, a reference to Rareware's English base.

He was part of a contest that ran in an issue of Nintendo Official Magazine UK, where ideas for his name were submitted. The winner, Simon Turk, submitted Chris P. Bacon.


  • Banjo: Hello there!
  • Chris: Oh hi. I'm Chris.
  • Kazooie: Chris? Not very pig-like, if you ask me.
  • Chris: Actually, it's Chris P. Bacon.
  • Kazooie: Oh, I see.
  • Banjo: What are you doing, Mr. Bacon?
  • Chris: I'm on vacation, trying to photograph those lovely paintings on the wall down there...
  • Banjo: Sounds fascinanting...
  • Chris: Oh, it is. But these awful fish keep attacking me!
  • Kazooie: Why not get a spear gun?
  • Chris: This camera was too expensive - I had no doubloons left. Perhaps you could protect me while I'm down there instead?

(If the player presses "Yes." (same happens if you choose to try the challenge again after failing))

  • Chris: Right then. If you could just follow me down to the bottom... (the cage gets down) Hope you're ready. Here they come!

(If one Red Piranha bites Chris P. Bacon)

  • Chris: That nipper bite really hurt! Please try harder next time.

(After failing the challenge)

  • Chris: Do you want to try again?

(If the player chooses not to try the challenge again)

  • Chris: Well, I'm not going down there on my own, and this shiny thing is staying in my shorts!



  • His name is a play on the words of "Crispy Bacon", a food made from pigs.
  • His camera is actually a Game Boy Camera, with the Game Boy Color in his hand. This does not change even in the Xbox Live Arcade re-release.
  • When he first introduces himself, he told the duo his first name. Kazooie realised his name’s connection with a pig-related name after he told her his full name.