Banjo-Kazooie Wiki

Click Clock Wood Pond (for lack of a better name) is the large pool of water that partly surrounds the huge tree that is Click Clock Wood. In the center of the pond is a fairly small (compared to the massive tree right next to it) stump that pops out of the water. On this "island-stump" is a Snarebear and a Flight Pad. In the middle of the Snarebear, there is also an Extra Life in Spring. The stump is surrounded by Red Feathers and Blue Eggs.

In Summer, the pond has been dried up from the heat. This actually makes it quite hard to get around as the lack of water can sometimes hinder your access to some areas and gives you no safety net if you fall from certain higher areas of the tree. However, the lack of water allows Banjo and Kazooie to break the boulder that is preventing Gnawty from getting into his house using the Beak Buster ability. The switch that opens up Autumn is also found in the dried up pond in Summer along with a Grublin Hood and a Beehive.

In Autumn, the water has returned to the pond and Banjo and Kazooie are able to access Gnawty's House legitimately.

Come Winter, however, the pond has frozen over. This will allow you to Flap Flip onto the tree stump that pops out of the pond and use the Flight Pad on to. There is also a small hole in the ice which will allow you to swim under the frozen pond and visit Gnawty (also awarding you an Extra Honeycomb Piece), but you have to be very careful while swimming beneath the icy water as it will take twice the air (giving you only 30 seconds to hold your breath) and you will even lose air while on the top of the water. When you first jump into the water, Grunty will say to you, "Yes that's right, swim under there, icy water takes double air!"