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Cliff Farm is the first world in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. Banjo begins his quest here to save his pal Kazooie and track down and defeat the evil Mecha-Grunty.

Points of Interest[]

Abilities Learned[]



  1. Find Mama Clucker's five missing baby chicks.
  2. Found underwater after learning how to Dive from Bozzeye.
  3. Save The Bleaters from a mischievous Gruntweed.
  4. Grab twelve Bleaters in a fishing mini-game.
  5. Collect the Jiggy from inside the Crag Mill with the Mouse.
  6. Collect Mama Clucker's eggs on the slippery slide.
  7. Collect the Jiggy from the cliff above where you learn Climb, which is surrounded by Whiplashes.
  8. Found on an island to the left of the Bluff Barn.
  9. Defeat Klungo inside the Bluff Barn.
  10. Find all five Jinjos.



A Cliff Farm Jinjo.

The five Cliff Farm Jinjos are orange.

Extra Honeycombs[]

Cliff Farm Jinjo Oracle[]


  • Cliff Farm's Jinjo Oracle is located just south of the entrance.


  • Klungo's Gruntweeds seem to be a cross between Gruntlings and Whiplashes. When you get close, they'll try to squash you. They seem a little dizzy to me.
  • The little Bleaters are worried - they won't move while Grunty's monsters are near.
  • Without Mumbo's help, you won't be able to find all of Cliff Farm's secrets.
  • A hole that's small enough for a mouse? Then it sounds like it's a mouse you need!
  • Klungo's been using a Witchy Warp to enter a secret room in the barn. I think Bozzeye might know a way to turn it on.
  • All the Jinjos have been found on the farm. I only hope the Breegull Beach Jinjos will be as lucky.