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The Cliff Top is a large area of the Isle O' Hags. It is located through a door in the Plateau and is on the side of a high cliff. Falling off into The Fog, of course, means certain death. Many important things can be found in this area. Jamjars teaches the Ice Eggs here. The entrances to Jolly Roger's Lagoon and Hailfire Peaks, the latter of which can only be reached after a switch activates the bridge. Mumbo's Skull is also found here and the Glowbo is hopping on the top of the building with the entrance to Hailfire Peaks. The Train Station is here, but the switch is on a small cliff that must be accessed with the Grip Grab. This is the only world in the Isle O' Hags that does not have mud muncher trail marks from Gruntilda. It is also one of two regions (Quagmire being the other) in the Isle o' Hags that doesn't connect to another region apart from where you enter it from.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese がけエリア
Gake Eria
Cliff Area
Spanish Acantilado Cliff