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Clinker is a loudspeaker who cannot be seen but is heard around Grunty Industries. Clinker will speak each time Banjo or Kazooie makes a misstep in Grunty Industries. Clinker is also the announcer for the Twinkly Packing Challenge and Clinker's Cavern.

Clinker's Cavern is either named after the Clinker loudspeaker or the brown creatures found in the cavern which are also referred to as Clinkers.


  • Alert! Intruders detected! Activate the tintops...
  • Access Denied! Door has insufficient power to open. Battery required!
  • (If you approach the service elevator not disguised as a washer): Access Denied! The service elevator can only be used by mechanical personnel only.
  • (When a battery has been inserted): Additional battery power channeled to door. Access is now granted.
  • (If you approach the trash compactor): Intruder in the trash compactor! Cleanup droids report to Floor 1.
  • (If Washer Banjo approaches a warp pad): Mechanical personnel may not use the warp pads. Use the service elevator instead!
  • (before approaching Clinker's Cavern): Attention! The clinkers are invading the system and are blocking the vents. Neutralize them all before the air becomes toxic.
  • (If you run out of time): Sensors indicate that the toxic levels are now unacceptable! All personnel make their way to the exit!
  • (If you finish the job in time): Sensors indicate clinker threat has been neutralized. A cleanup bonus will be awarded...
  • (If you try to activate the extractor fan on Floor 3): Extractor fan not required.
  • Toxic gas alert! All personnel evacuate and activate extractor fans!
  • Initiate detoxifying sequence...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...It is now safe to re-enter.
  • Access Granted. You may enter.
  • Access Denied! Door can be accessed by mechanical personnel only.
  • Belt crusher malfunction! Initialize auto-fixing program. Crusher will be reactivated in 45 seconds.
  • The wall crusher has now been switched off.
  • Magnet malfunction! Auto-fixing program initiated. Magnet will be reactivated in 90 seconds.
  • Intruder alert! Backup required to defend Grunty's treasure!
  • Ulp..Intruder has defeated the tintops. Grunty's treasure has been lost...



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