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Cursed Beehives are enemies that can be found in the later worlds in Banjo-Tooie. Gruntilda cursed these beehives so they can attack Banjo and Kazooie. They seem to replace bee-infested Beehives from Banjo Kazooie. From a distance, they appear to be normal Beehives, bouncing up and down, but a closer look reveals their fearsome red eyes. If Banjo and Kazooie try to approach one, the Cursed Beehive will drop its sham and chase after them, starting off slow and accelerating to a speed which rivals Banjo's running speed and can make it hard to evade at a close distance. A glitch that has been recently discovered will have the Cursed Beehive chase Banjo & Kazooie everywhere even boss zones and Spiral Mountain, giving the beehive the abilty to jump, swim, and hover, and even other cursed beehives will follow Banjo and Kazooie by have them follow the leader cursed beehive, but that is if you can run around in circles to have the beehive go everywhere. The only way to stop this glitch is to reset the game.

Cursed Beehives have a bit more vitality than the average enemy, taking two hits with a Forward Roll to kill, but are relatively large targets and are easy to hit with an attack like the Rat-a-tat Rap.

When defeated, these killer hives will only surrender two Honeycombs, but unlike normal Beehives, they can sometimes yield Skill Stop and Random Stop Honeycombs if you use an Ice Egg and then Dragon Kazooie's fire breath on them. In fact, if Dragon Kazooie (either on her own or with Banjo) stands in front of a Cursed Beehive and waits until it is almost upon her, then breathes fire on it, it will release SIX Honeycomb pieces instead of the usual two. Four will be released if Dragon Kazooie is a medium distance away when using her fire breath. Also, unlike normal Beehives, Cursed Beehives will reappear like normal enermies after a short time.

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