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A 1 vs. 1 Dodgem Challenge rematch.

The Dodgem Challenge is a mini-game that takes place inside the Dodgem Dome found in the space zone of Witchyworld.

The Location[]

To access the Dodgem Dome, Mumbo Jumbo must first use his magic with the Mumbo Pad near the generator to open the door. Then Banjo must transform into the Van and pay for the ride.

The Rules[]

The rules of the Dodgem Challenge are simple. Collect the required amount of Twinklies within the specified time limit. Red Twinklies are worth one point, Green Twinklies are worth two Points, and Blue Twinklies are worth three points. However, the rules change as the number of Twinkly Muncher opponents increase.

1 vs. 1 Banjo must collect 60 points worth of Twinklies in 45 seconds. This is fairly easy considering the one Dodgem chasing you is easy to dodge.

2 vs. 1 Banjo must collect 50 points worth of Twinklies in 45 seconds. This can still be easy as long as Banjo keeps away from the corners.

3 vs. 1 Banjo must now collect 40 points worth of Twinklies in 45 seconds. Although this may sound easy, it can become difficult and frustrating at times because of how many times Banjo will be cornered even if he keeps away from the sides.

The Prize[]

Gruntilda will award Banjo with a Jiggy if he is able to complete all three challenges.