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Egg Aiming is a move introduced in Banjo-Tooie. It allows Kazooie to aim Eggs at her enemies instead of randomly shooting in a direction. When used, a small target cursor appears on the screen and can be controlled to aim at any enemy on the screen.

Different Methods of Egg Aiming[]

Jamjars' Rhyme[]

What you need is an aiming sight,

Hit the target then you might!

First-person by pressing C up button (N64)

Hit Z button (N64) to fire with accuracy!


Sorry, I'm new to editing stubs, but the egg aim is required to defeat targitzan. It can also help with killing the flies near a cow's home (Mayahem temple) and might help with old king coal boss fight...

Targitzan fought


Language Name Meaning
Japanese エッグエイム
Eggu Eimu
Egg Aim