Engine Room
Rusty Bucket Bay3.png
Game(s) Banjo-Kazooie
World(s) Rusty Bucket Bay
Jiggies involved 2

The Engine Room is a huge, cavernous area inside the Rusty Bucket. With its cams, cranks, wafer-thin platforms, and deadly fans, it is possibly the most hated room in the entire Banjo-Kazooie series.

The Engine Room is entered by Beak Barging the door on the bottom of the rear smokestack. Banjo drops down the smokestack to enter the room, where he must cross a great deal of rotating platforms and gears to access twelve Notes, a Jiggy, a pair of Mumbo Tokens, An Extra Honeycomb Piece and a pair of switches that shut off the ship's main propellers (for 65 seconds), clearing the way to another Jiggy. The two switches also halt the rotating shafts in the room, making it easy/easier to collect everything.

Even before the Engine Room can be explored fully, Banjo must hop down into an adjacent room and hit a switch that causes the giant fans to slow down sporadically. Otherwise, they spin too quickly to jump through.

Missing a jump anywhere in the room leads to the longest fall in the game.

The Engine Room (as well as possibly the rest of Rusty Bucket Bay) is referenced in Banjoland, where a signpost states that its difficulty is far too high for "today's soft gamers".

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