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The list includes all variations of the facts about Gruntilda in Grunty's Furnace Fun.

Note that the facts are random, so the three possible answers are mentioned.

  • Brentilda 1: The 1st Brentilda is located in room with the Treasure Trove Cove and Clanker's Cavern jigsaws, just past the 50 Note Door.
    • Grunty brushes her rotten teeth with salted slug/moldy cheese/tuna ice cream flavored tooth paste!
    • She also washes her hair with engine oil/rancid milk/baked beans. Yuk!
    • And she gets her clothes from the trash can/The Witches Warehouse/Saggy Maggy's Boutique!
  • Brentilda 2: The 2nd Brentilda is located in the Click Clock Wood puzzle room.
    • Ugly Grunty's nickname was Jelly Belly/Cauldron Butt/Hog Breath at witch school!
    • I also know that freshly burst boils/sweaty gorilla feet/putrid parrot puke is her favorite smell!
    • And the old hag's favorite color is ghastly grey/dung brown/gruesome green!
  • Brentilda 3: The 3rd Brentilda is located in Clanker's Cavern entrance on top of the large horizontal pipe.
    • Grunty wears a flea circus/a reinforced girdle/massive bloomers under that repulsive dress of hers!
    • She's also got this nasty pet dog whose name is Ripper/Legchomper/Bignacka!
    • My sister sings in her own band, Grunty and the Cauldron Crew/Grunty and the Broomstick Boys/Grunty and the Monster Mob. They're awful!
  • Brentilda 4: The 4th Brentilda is located behind the Huge Grunty Statue.
    • My lazy sister often sleeps in a pig sty/on a pile of treasure/in a dumpster, the dirty hag!
    • The only thing she's ever won was the biggest butt/dirtiest undies/sweatiest socks competition at witch school!
    • She often boasts of appearing on the cover of Fat Hag Monthly, posing in her long-johns/sitting on her broomstick/polishing her crystal ball!
  • Brentilda 5: The 5th Brentilda is located inside one of the logs in the Bubble Gloop Swamp Entrance room.
    • My fat old sister's favorite sport is broomstick racing/belly barging/loogie flicking!
    • Although she's dim, she attended Fat Hag High/St. Dungball's School/Cauldron College!
    • You won't believe that Gruntilda's party trick is blowing balloons up with her butt/performing a scary striptease/eating a bucket of beans!
  • Brentilda 6: The 6th Brentilda is located behind the entrance to Gobi's Valley.
    • Grunty's best friend at witch school was the awful Fatty Hatty/Sweaty Betty/Saggy Maggy!
    • When relaxing, she usually reads Fat Hag Monthly/Big Butts and Guts/Warty Girls Weekly magazine!
    • While sipping a glass of her favorite camel spit milkshake/cold worm juice/elephant sweat smoothie!
  • Brentilda 7: The 7th Brentilda is located on top of the Grunty Face Statue's hat.
    • The disgusting Gruntilda has spider pancakes/rat bagels/tadpoles on toast for breakfast!
    • Then she usually has slug stew/maggot pie/dog dung burgers for dinner. Yuk!
    • Wartbags then finishes with eyeball ice cream/cockroaches and cream/rat sorbet for dessert. How horrid!
  • Brentilda 8: The 8th Brentilda is located on the ledge that the narrow path in the Lava Room leads to.
    • Revolting Gruntilda's bedroom has smelly socks/rotting fish/dirty undies hanging from the ceiling!
    • She also has an eyeball flower/a loogie bush/a verruca plant growing in a pot beside her bed! Filthy old bag!
    • And you'd be sick if you saw her enormous spotty purple/sweaty yellow/streaky brown undies!
  • Brentilda 9: The 9th Brentilda is located behind one of the gravestones to the right of the Mad Monster Mansion entrance.
    • Did you know Wartbags keeps a dragon's foot/loogie filled hanky/shrunken head in her pocket for luck?
    • I've also seen my sister cuddling a huge sweaty baboon/her dirty undies/a scary teddy bear in bed at night!
    • She's really proud of her broomstick. It's a top of the range Super Gutlifter Pro/Lardmaster 2000/Rough Rider Deluxe!
  • Brentilda 10: The 10th Brentilda is located behind one of the tall logs in the Click Clock Wood entrance room.
    • Gruesome Gruntilda's favorite pastime is flying radio controlled bats/bursting boils/collecting dragon teeth!
    • This poor guy called Dirty Berty/Undead Ed/Greasy Grant, was her first and only boyfriend!
    • When she was younger, Grunty used to have a baby dragon/a greasy warthog/a mad vulture as a pet.