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A Flatso is a paper-thin enemy found inside the Central Cavern of Cloud Cuckooland in Banjo-Tooie. These papery enemies will pop out of the ground with a distinctive cha-ching when Banjo, Kazooie or Mumbo get close. They come in purple, green, and blue colors and carry a sausage, flower, or candy cane, respectively, with which they try to whack Banjo, Kazooie or Mumbo.

Fortunately, these monsters are about as flimsy as the paper they seem to be made out of. They can be knocked down with just about any attack. However, dealing with swarms of these enemies can be frustrating if they pop up unexpectedly, especially when trying to take them down one-by-one with Mumbo Jumbo's shock staff.


  • The green Flatsos have the same Flower that Mumbo gave to Gruntilda in the Game Over Scene from the first game.
  • Flatsos don't appear while using Wonderwing.