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The Freezeezy Peak Picture is a picture consisted of Jiggies, seen in Banjo-Kazooie. Eight Jiggies are required to complete this puzzle, to open the door to Freezeezy Peak. After this puzzle is completed, a scene shows a door opening on a large structure, and a sign that says Freezeezy Peak appears.


Enter the corridor that leads to Bubble Gloop Swamp, and head to the world's doorway. Go around the back of it and use the Wading Boots to walk through the swamp water. Head towards the hollow entryway in the corner of the room that is covered in snow; the puzzle will be in that room.


  • To add a Jiggy press A button (N64)
  • To remove a Jiggy, before all Jiggies are placed, press C down button (N64)
  • To fill in all the empty Jiggy spaces, press Z button (N64)

Worlds Involved[]