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Freezing Furnace, (originally entitled Freezing Fjord), is the fifth world in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. It appears to be a frozen wasteland at first sight, but deep inside lies an active furnace covered in lava.

Points of Interest[]



  1. Use the Bill Drill on the Jiggy Switch and collect the Jiggy on time.
  2. Play the fishing mini-game inside the igloo.
  3. Bring Miss Bucket the seven gold nuggets.
  4. Just behind the "tank-door" in Grunty Industries.
  5. Save the Snowies from the evil mice.
  6. In the Storage Room of Grunty Industries using Wonderwing and Shock Spring Jump pads.
  7. Spell out 'Gruntilda' on the paneled floor.
  8. Inside the hidden tunnel (Octopus transformation required).
  9. Defeat Klungo inside of Grunty Industries.
  10. Find all five Jinjos.



A Freezing Furnace Jinjo.

The five Freezing Furnace Jinjos are blue:

Extra Honeycombs[]

  • Just South of the entrance (Octopus transformation required).
  • In the Storage Room.

Freezing Furnace Jinjo Oracle[]



  • Maybe it's just because they're cold, but the Jinjos in Freezing Furnace are all blue.
  • See Mumbo to get all fired up before you fiddle with frozen fuses.
  • A rocky cave leads to a very young Grunty Industries.
  • Sea creatures don't seem to have a problem with the cold waters around here.
  • Tanks...I mean thanks for trying to rescue all the Jinjos.
  • With your dedication to finding the Jinjos, I'm sure you'll be brave enough to face Gruntilda in her lair.



  • The Spiller's Harbor theme plays shortly after Klungo leaves the battle.
  • This world seems to be based on Hailfire Peaks, as both worlds have an icy section and a lava section.
  • Earlier in development, Freezing Furnace and Grunty Industries were two seperate worlds called Freezing Fjord and Fiery Furnace. They were combined into one world due to hardware limitations.