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Fruities are living slot machines found around the Big Top in Witchyworld. They are very tough to bring down because most attacks will not work on them, not even the Wonderwing. They can only be destroyed by an explosion from a Grenade Egg or Clockwork Kazooie Egg (they will attack the remote control Kazooie bomb), by landing on top of them with the Bill Drill, or by ramming them as the Van. Alternatively, they can be frozen with Ice Eggs then can be smashed apart with any strong move such as the Rat-a-tat Rap. When Banjo and Kazooie first destroy a Fruity, it dispenses a Ticket. After that, the Honeycomb they drop is always a Skill Stop Honeycomb or Random Stop Honeycomb.

From a distance, Fruities attack by launching enormous golden coins out of their mouths, along with a jackpot sound, which travel in straight lines and break upon hitting something. At a closer range, they will bounce towards their enemies and try to club the Bear and Bird with their levers.


  • The name 'Fruity' is derived from fruit machine, which is an English slang term for a slot machine.