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Fungus Forest entry

The Click Clock Wood puzzle chamber is believed to originally have been associated with the cut Fungus Forest world.

Fungus Forest was a world that was planned to be included in Banjo-Kazooie, but was ultimately cut during development. The world eventually resurfaced as "Fungi Forest" in Donkey Kong 64, though how it differs from the original concept is unknown.


It is speculated, but unconfirmed, that Fungus Forest was an earlier incarnation of Clanker's Cavern. This is due to pre-release footage of the game from E3 1997, showing Banjo and Kazooie swimming around an organic version of Clanker in a temperate environment featuring rocks and grass. The music from Fungi Forest in Donkey Kong 64 plays in the background during this segment of the video. The nearby jigsaw puzzle chamber for Click Clock Wood may also have had some relation to Fungus Forest, as it features textures that are not found in Click Clock Wood, but are used in Fungi Forest in Donkey Kong 64.


  • A picture hanging on the wall of Banjo's House in Banjo-Tooie is commonly believed to show Fungus Forest, but is actually taken from a prototype 2.5-D version of Project Dream featuring Banjo.
  • According to the fan hack, the entrance to Fungus Forest is a hut shaped like a giant mushroom.