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Furnace Fun Moves is a glitch in Banjo-Kazooie that allows players to start new games with all the moves learned in an existing file.


Furnace Fun Moves is performed by entering a timed challenge in Grunty's Furnace Fun and dying in the timed Mini Game with no lives remaining. Upon starting a new file and entering Grunty's Lair and exiting through another load zone (either back to Spiral Mountain or entering Mumbo's Mountain) players will be able to use all of the moves learned in the file they died in.

The glitch works because when Banjo steps on one of the tiles on the Furnace Fun board, the game takes away all of his abilities learned from Bottles earlier in the game. The game stores his moves in a temporary memory code that gets cleared when Banjo enters an area in Gruntilda's lair. Because the player game overed in a Furnace Fun mini game, the game thinks he never re entered the lair, and thus, the game failed to clear the temporary memory that stores Banjo's moves.

Furnace Fun Moves can be performed in the following mini games:

  • Gobi's Valley puzzle matching 
  • Tiptup Choir in Bubblegloop Swamp
  • Boss Boom Box in Rusty Bucket Bay
  • Zubba Battle in Click Clock Wood

Furnace Fun Moves cannot be done in these mini games (because there is no way to take damage in these mini games)

  • TTC Puzzle
  • Mr Vile.