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Game Over is a event that happens if the Player loses all their lives. The Game Over sequence is shown right after the last life is lost.

List of Game Overs[]


After Banjo and Kazooie are defeated, a cutscene triggers showing Gruntilda in the Beauty Machine along with Tooty, and Klungo. Gruntilda declares that Banjo's game ends in her tower and orders Klungo to start the Beauty Machine. As the machine starts, Tooty cries for Banjo to help her, but the Beauty Machine manages to swap her and Gruntilda's appearances to each other. As Gruntilda walks out, she finds herself more beautiful and declares that she is more beautiful then Tooty. Mumbo, appearing out of nowhere and running up to Gruntilda, asking if she can return to his skull. Tooty walks out of the Beauty Machine, looking more ugly and scary. Tooty then demands "Banjo! Your sister wants a word with you......... NOW!" as the Game Over text appear.


Unlike Banjo-Kazooie, if Banjo and Kazooie are defeated, the Game Over text appears as the game fades away with Gruntilda's laugh. There is no sequence here unlike the previous game.