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GameShark is a cartridge launched for Nintendo 64 and also for another game systems, such as Game Boy and PlayStation. It is known for being a type of "cheating" source, because its function is to directly modify the memory of a game currently running, as Banjo-Kazooie series. Users may give away free codes to everyone that play on emulators (Project 64). Depending on the ROM, the emulator should already list all the possibly cheats. If not, the user must add the cheat. To enable/add cheats, the user must click on the menu label, the selection "Cheats".

Code typesetting[]

All GameShark codes are made in this model (X = code Y = value):


Value typesetting[]

Every code must have already a value or a selectable one. Model for values:

???? or an already value.

Known codes[]

More codes should be added down this article. You can find codes by searching for them on the internet or watching tutorials. Those codes have been given away and was seen on videos.


Player Modifier[]

812986BA ???? 812986BE ????

  • Values:

0355: Banjo from Intro

0362: Banjo Bee

0387: Bottles

0451: Grunty

03A6: N64 Logo

Flood everywhere[]

812986BA ???? 812986BE ????

  • Values:

Teleport to final battle[]

8037E8F5 0090 (L to Levitate must be enabled)


8137C1F0 0000 8137C1F4 0000 8137C1F8 0000

Fake Swamp Boots on Kazooie[]

8037D239 0001 ( They don't work, they're just for show)

Music Modifier []

8128189A 00??

  • Values (It's a very long list!):

00 You Learned a NEW MOVE!

01 Final Battle

02 Mumbo's Mountain

03 Freezey Easy Peak

04 Mad Monster Mansion Bells

05 TTC

06 BGS

07 Mutie Snipets

08 Intro without Sound Effects

09 Note

10 Spiral Mountin

11 Top of Treasure Trove Cove

12 Niper Fight

13 Inside Nper's Shell

14 Gold Feather

15 Life

16 Honey Comb

17 Empty Honey

18 6 Honey Combs

19 Beta Refill?

20 Gobi's Valley All

21 MMM Dining Room

22 MMM Grave Yard

23 MMM Church

24 Gobi's Valley Interiors

25 Wonderwing

26 Sandy's Maze

27 Ruby's and Toot's Song

28 Inside the Sandcastle TTC

29 CCW Summer

30 All Jinjos

31 Game Over

32 Nintendo Cube Walking

33 RBB34 Snacker Attack

35 RBB Engine Room

36 All Notes Collected

37 Power Up?

38 Beta Church Door Open?

39 Advent

40 Carpet lowering GV

41 Mumbo's Hut

42 Open Note Door/ Collect All Jiggies

43 Sparkles

44 Nabnuts House Fall

45 CCW Zubba Hive

46 CCW Top of Tree

47 BGS Interiors

48 Beta CCW?

49 Nabnut's House Spring

50 Grunty's Lair Near TTC

51 Grunty's Lair Near TTC

52 Grunty's Lair Near BGS

53 Grunty's Lair Near Bgs and FEP

54 Grunty's Lair Near ??? GV?

55 BGS Mr. Vile's Games

56 Spiral Mt. The bridge to Grunty's Lair

57 Speedy Shoes

58 Swamp Boots

59 Grunty's Lair Near FEP

60 Nabnut's House Winter

61 FEP Tree

62 Boss Boom Box

63 Grunty's Lair Near CCW and FF

64 Open a World 1

65 Open World 2

66 Boggy's Igloo

67 Chord?

68 Helping Twinkles

69 Laser?70 MMM In the Bathroom!

71 Furnace Fun

72 Flibbet Fight

73 Video Game Section 

74 Top of the Lair

75 Red Feather Upgrade

76 Gold Feather Upgrade

77 Egg Upgrade

78 Beta Sucess?

79 Cheato

80 When You Tooty is in the machine

81 Go to Brenty

82 Leave Brenty

83 Stop 'N' RBB

84 Stop 'N' Swop TTC

85 Stop 'N' Ice Key

86 Stop 'N' Swop Cellar MMM

87 Stop 'N' Swop Bathroom MMM

88 Stop 'N' Swop Intro

89 GV Carpet Up

90 When u open The Final Battle

91 Falling Forever...

92 Laser Two?

93 Lose Air?

94 Bottles Puzzle

95 Puzzle Start

96 Lose Air 2

97 Lose Air 3?

98 Mix-Up Foreve

r99 Mumbo's party!

0A Jinjo Collect

0B Red Feather Collect

0C Egg Collect

0D Jiggy Collect

0E Somthing High in the sky

0F Mad Monster Mansion

1A Death

1B Termite Hill

1C Clanker's Cavern

1D Mumbo's Spells

1E Grunty's lair ( Go Near other Places for Wierd things!)

1F Inside Clanker

2A CCW Winter

2B Correct!

2C Incorrect!

2D You Win!

2E CCW Fall

2F CCW Lobby

3A Boggy's Race

3B You Made it!

3C You Lose

3D Its a Jiggy

3E Fail?

3F GV Carpet

4A RRB Interiors

4B Zubba Fight

4C RBB Rooms

4D Raindance

4E Whoop In

4F Whoop Out

5A Sad Igloo

5B Happy Igloo

5C Beta Game Over

5D Grunty's Lair Near GV

5E Grunty's Lair Near RBB

5F CCW Spring

6A Tumblars Shed

6B Wozza's Cave

6C Intro When Tooty is Kidnapped

6D Gnauty's House

6E Banjo's House

6F Pause

7A Brenty

7B Danger

7C Threat

7D Honey

7E Furnace Fun Joker

7F Furnace Fun 2

8A Speedy Shoes Start

8B Sparkles2

8C Rising

8D More Grunty Danger

8E Credits

8F Jinjonator

9A J attack

9B J attack 2

9C J attack 3

9D J attack 4

9E J attack 5

9F J attack 6

A0 Somthing....

AA Ending 1 HHB

AB Ending 2 Grunty threat

AC Ending 3 Music

B0 Whoop


A8 Grunty Loses Furnace Fun

A9 When you save Tooty


Banjo-Kazooie Codes Part 2 Very Unusal and CCW Winter


8036AE39 008C (Turn code on, enter Banjo's House)


Banjo-Kazooie Codes Part 1 Everyones on Vacation!

A Youtube video showing various Banjo-Kazooie Gameshark cheats.


Cap. Blackeye Modifier[]

81133094 ????

  • Values:

Player Modifier[]

81117DDA ????
81117DEA ????

  • Values:

Unlimited Travel (by Authentic)[]

Australia: 800DD7AB 002E

Europe: 800DD90B 002C

Japanese: 800D2B2B 001A

United States: 800D53DB 009A