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Glitter Gulch Mine is the second world in Banjo-Tooie. Entered through an old mine shaft in the Plateau, it is a large underground cavern filled with mountains of colorful, glittering gems and wondrous rock formations (many of these are known as glitter). The cavern was turned into an ore mine and filled with an intricate system of mine tracks. At the time of the game though, the mine has been abandoned, leaving behind only Canary Mary, Bullion Bill, and many Billy Bobs.

Down even deeper, beneath the actual mines, is a complex network of tunnels known as the Ordnance Storage. Small, dingy, wooden shacks (such as the Power Hut, Crushing Shed, and Prospector's Hut) are littered all throughout the mine. Parts of the mine (especially underground) are very dark and require the use of generators to power up the lights.

Other notable landmarks include the Gloomy Caverns, fungi-ridden caverns with small prison cells, and Bullion Bill's shack. Streams of water constantly flow through the mines, and most likely come from the Waterfall Cavern.

This level was to be featured in Banjo-Kazooie but was not finished in time, so it appeared in Banjo-Tooie.



Glitter Gulch Mine Map

Notable Areas[]

  • Fuel Depot
  • Ordnance Storage
  • Canary Cave
  • Flooded Caves
  • Gloomy Caverns
  • Train Station
  • Waterfall Cavern
  • Crushing Shed
  • Water Storage
  • Toxic Gas Cave

Moves Learned[]

Bill Drill[]

  • Glitter Gulch Mine - (85 Notes)
  • Press the A button to jump, then hold the Z button for a longer, more powerful version of the Beak Buster. This can be used to destroy rocks and later in Grunty Industries to unscrew bolts.

Beak Bayonet[]

  • Ordnance Storage Area - (95 Notes)
  • This move is only available during scenarios where the Breegull Blaster is being used. Press the B button to make Kazooie lunge forward and stab enemies.



  1. Reuniting Dilberta and Bullion Bill: Dilberta is trapped in Mayahem Temple's Prison Compound. Stony Banjo must talk to the Stony in the Prison Compound to learn the sequence of the nearby switches needed to unlock the door to Dilberta's cell (it varies in every game file). After entering the cell and breaking the large rock connecting back to Glitter Gulch Mine using Bill Drill, she will return to Bullion Bill and, by going through the tunnel to Bill's hut, the decrepit old fox rewards the bear and bird with a Jiggy.
  2. Ordnance Storage: Bullion Bill gives the bear and bird a Jiggy for completing the Ordnance Storage Challenge, in which they must used the Beak Bayonet (located in the room right outside the Ordnance Storage) to defuse sticks of TNT before they explode. This is considered the hardest Jiggy to get in Glitter Gulch Mine due to the time restraint, and the somewhat confusing layout.
  3. Crushing Shed: Mumbo Jumbo must levitate the boulder with the Jiggy emblem on it into the shed once Banjo and Kazooie have activated the grinder inside it. The Jiggy boulder will be crushed, but the Jiggy will break into three pieces and land outside the shed. Mumbo can then pick up the pieces, which, once collected, form into a full Jiggy.
  4. Defeating Old King Coal: Before Banjo and Kazooie can fight Old King Coal, the boss of Glitter Gulch Mine, Chuffy must be restored by Mumbo's levitate magic. After the train is back on its tracks, the duo can enter the train's boiler to fight Old King Coal for his Jiggy. Completing this fight also allows use of Chuffy to travel between worlds.
  5. Navigating Generator Room: The Generator Cavern is located in the depths of Glitter Gulch Mine, which is powered by generators, which, in turn, are powered by Fire Eggs. Banjo and Kazooie must make their way across the winding passageway while simultaneously powering up each generator to light up a radius around them to make it to the end of the cavern where the Jiggy lies. The catch is that the generators don't stay active forever; they break down and shut off after a few seconds.
  6. Braving the Power Shed: The Power Hut Basement holds a Jiggy; however, it is dark and requires Banjo and Kazooie to split up. Banjo must climb to the Power Shed's attic and turn the lights on below, while Kazooie must cross the narrow and dangerous platforms leading to the Jiggy. Another method is the use of Fire Eggs to light the dark path.
  7. Waterfall Cavern: A Jiggy is located just in front of the grand waterfall in the Waterfall Cavern.
  8. Underground Pipe Maze: There is a series of submerged pipes in a room beside the Waterfall Cavern. If Banjo and Kazooie can correctly navigate through the maze, they will emerge in a dark room, where only a Jiggy (and three Billy Bobs) are visible.
  9. Racing Canary Mary: Once Detonator Banjo clears the rocks in front of the tunnel by Wumba's Wigwam, Banjo and Kazooie can free Canary Mary, who, once freed, repairs the broken handcar next to the entrance. The prize for defeating her in a race is a Jiggy. (Note: A glitch has been rumored that states that if you don't pick up the Jiggy before accepting the challenge for the 2nd race, the Jiggy will disappear. This rumor has been proven false. Simply double-check all other Jiggy locations to find the "missing" Jiggy. Make sure you check the other end of the race-cart track for the Jiggy.)
  10. Behind the Waterfall: A Jiggy is hidden high above in an alcove behind a waterfall near the Crushing Shed. Springy Step Shoes are required. Alternatively, a well-aimed Clockwork Kazooie Egg can also collect this Jiggy.



  • Glitter Gulch Mine - Behind the rock leading down to the mine by Mumbo's Skull.
  • Glitter Gulch Mine - On a mountain of purple gems next to the entrance.

Extra Honeycombs[]

  • Toxic Gas Cave - Beneath a boulder inside the Toxic Gas Cave.
  • Train Station - inside a crate with the Rareware symbol on the side.
  • Beneath the boulder outside of the Prospector's Hut.

Cheato Pages[]

  • Atop the sign reading "Glitter Gulch Mine" at the entrance. Can be gotten either from jumping from the entrance rope or using Springy Step Shoes.
  • At the bottom of a water tank in Water Storage.
  • Beating Canary Mary a second time wins this Cheato Page.

Treble Clef[]

In the muddy waters of the Water Storage Room, acessable through the waterfall Cavern or a part of the main area.




Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[]

Glitter Gulch Mine Exhibit

Part of Glitter Gulch Mine, specifically the pile of crystals near the beginning, makes an appearance in the game's third world, Banjoland. They are under a glass case, and various mine cart rails are held up by poles, the top pole in the center being especially unstable.

Banjoland Info[]

"Banjo-Tooie's second world, originally planned for the first game. Home to Canary Mary, whose races became button-based when all that analog-stick rotating began to scorch players' palms."

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラリンこうざん
Kirarin Kouzan
Glittering Mine
Spanish Mina del Barranco Brillante Bright Gulch Mine
French Mine miroitante Glassy Mine
German Klunkerkluft-Mine
Glitzerschlucht-Mine (BKNB)
Sparkler Gap Mine
Glitter Gulch Mine
Italian Miniera Rio Dorato Golden River Mine


  • Glitter Gulch Mine, along with Cauldron Keep, is one of only two worlds in Banjo-Tooie that doesn't contain Snapdragons.
  • A "gulch" is a "V" shaped valley formed by erosion, typically formed by a river. The river at the bottom of the mine clearly is unlike real-life gulches, prompting where the gulch in Glitter Gulch Mine is.
  • Bullion Bill states that "...TNT sticks are threatening my mine..." implying that Bill owns Glitter Gulch Mine.
  • As stated in Banjoland in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, this was originally planned for the first game.
  • During planning documents for the first game, the heaps of gems were only heaps of coal, and Mumbo's Skull occupied where Wumba's Wigwam was going to be, and a Whack-a-mole type mini game were to occupy the area in the big waterfall cavern where one path leads you to the ice side of Hailfire Peaks.