Gobi's Garden
Gobi's Garden
Game(s) Banjo Kazooie
World(s) Click Clock Wood
Jiggies involved 1

Gobi's Garden is a small part of the Banjo Kazooie game world, Click Clock Wood. It is called Gobi's Garden as Gobi will appear there (after you have made him run from the desert) to help you get one of the worlds Jiggies (even if he doesn't want to.) In spring, the garden is a fenced off area full of dirt and a small hole in the center. Banjo and Kazooie are to go up to the hole and lay some eggs in the center to grow a sprout and then slam on Gobi's back over the other seasons until it grows into a fully grown flower. Once the flower is fully grown, a Jiggy will appear at the top, making Banjo climb to higher grounds, then drop onto the plant to collect it. In Winter, the snow and cold weather has killed it and only it's shriveled body remains.

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