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The Grip Grab is an ability learned in Mayahem Temple from Jamjars and is required to move on from the Wooded Hollow to the Plateau. When Banjo jumps toward a ledge, he can grab onto it and either climb up by pressing A button (N64), drop down by pressing Z button (N64), or climb along the side. Grip Grabbing can be useful for getting on to just-too-tall platforms and moving along thin platforms that are difficult to walk across, but its main use is moving along ledges that are inset in walls.

Snapdragons often make their nests around Grip Grab ledges and will snap at Banjo as he passes near. If Kazooie is accompanying Banjo, pressing B button (N64) while on a ledge will allow her to peck the enemies. Still, even without Kazooie, the Snapdragon's snapping pattern is predictable and can be avoided with good timing.

In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Banjo can cling onto edges.

Jamjars' Rhyme[]

Listen up to what you're
on the edges you can
now hold!
Move along with the
greatest of ease,
button B button (N64) to attack
what you please!


  • Of all the moves that Banjo and Kazooie can perform while together, the Grip Grab holds the distinction of being the only one that can be performed by Banjo on his own, but not by Kazooie on her own.