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A Grublin Hood is an enemy native to Click Clock Wood. Besides the Beehives, the Grublin Hood is the only enemy who is found in all four seasons of Click Clock Wood in Banjo-Kazooie.

In all likelihood, they are related to the Grublins found on Mumbo's Mountain and the Seaman Grublins of Rusty Bucket Bay. Being that they are the main enemies of the last and longest playable world, they are a bit tougher than most other enemies. However, they can still be easily defeated with a single hit from most any attack.

Their appearances may vary depending on the season in Click Clock Wood, as they wear their normal green outfit in Spring and Autumn, sunglasses and no shirt in Summer, and they wear a scarf and gloves with their normal outfit in Winter.


  • The Grublin Hood's name and appearance are likely a reference to the fictional character Robin Hood.

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