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Gruntilda is infamous for her hilarious yet very bizarre rhyming quotes. This page is a collection of all of Grunty's rhyming quotes throughout the Banjo-Kazooie series.


Game Manual[]

  • Tiny creatures far below, which of you'll be first to go?
  • Hah! Not any more. Not any more.
  • Sweeter than me? Prettier than me? Impossible!
  • As cute as me, you stupid pot? For her own sake, I hope she's not!
  • I need those looks far more than she, and finally perfect I shall be!


  • Dingpot, Dingpot, by the bench, who is the nicest looking wench?
  • Yes, you're right, I'm rather proud. My looks stand me out from the crowd.
  • Ah! What do you mean?! This cannot be! There's no one prettier than me!
  • No, no, no, you must be mad. Nicer beauty can't be had!
  • Well... we'll see about that!
  • If Tooty thinks she's fairer than me, I'll steal her looks and ugly she'll be!
  • Come to me, my little pretty, you'll soon be ugly, what a pity!
  • Don't scratch and bite, my little bear, you'll soon need bigger underwear!
  • This fine contraption, so I'm told, will make me young and Tooty old!
  • Rescue you he will not dare, there's many dangers in my lair!
  • Hurry, Klungo, push that switch, I'm tired of being an ugly witch!

Gruntilda's Lair[]

At Random (usually when walking around)[]

  • Many tricks are up my sleeve, to save yourself you'd better leave!
  • Grunty's plan is rather cunning, when I'm thin, guys will be running!
  • Long of tooth and strong of arm, Grunty's got the lasting charm!
  • I don't like stairs much in my lair, they always make me gasp for air!
  • Can't you get here any faster? Come and fight me, I'm the master!
  • If you think I'm rather soft, I'll be waiting in the loft!
  • Why do I talk all the time, it's really hard to make these rhyme!
  • I'm still here, I watch you play, but I can't think of much to say!
  • It really does sound quite absurd, adventure of a bear and bird!
  • How bright they are, your stupid shorts, a target for my dumb cohorts!
  • That ugly bear, you feathered freak, is nothing but a stupid geek!
  • Join me now and dump the bear, that little backpack then I'll wear!
  • Your side with Banjo but change tack, imagine you on Grunty's back!
  • Your feathered buddy, that you've brung, useless like a pile of dung!
  • I can see it's quite hard work, to lump around that squawking jerk!
  • My next world is the hardest yet, and you will fail, on that I'll bet!
  • Tooty's fate is looking grim, it's because her brother's dim!
  • I've got this skirt so when I'm thinner, it really makes me look a winner!
  • When Tooty is a big ole lump, I've got just the frock to hide her rump!
  • Your butt will tell you and you'll know, when my boot swings to and fro!
  • When the back of Grunty's hand, whups your butt you'll hardly stand!
  • Hey Banjo, you're looking glum, it must be hard, being so dumb!
  • Grunty's stomach and leg thins, goodbye to all those double chins!
  • Once I'm nice and thin once more, burgers, fries, and chips galore!
  • Tooty says she's fine with me, if you go home I'll set her free!
  • Grunty admits she's a hog, I really need a big hot dog!
  • Monsters chase you, they're a hounding, then you'll get a Grunty pounding!
  • My belly's big, it's rather neat, it's years since I have seen my feet!
  • I've learned this spell, it's really neat, I'll keep it later for your treat!

Specific Events[]

  • There he is, the fun begins, my tricks and traps will see who wins!
  • That was such an easy fit, the others may just test your wit!
  • You've found some notes but you need more, to break my spell and pass this door!
  • That door was easy you got past, unfortunately your first and last!
  • When you open a world door, baddies escape and roam once more!
  • Hey, book brain, what did you say? You'd better not give my spells away!
  • If one more page I see you turn, then Grunty shall make Cheato burn!
  • That traitor book has pushed its luck, so in the burning fire I'll chuck!
  • What's wrong Banjo, is it tough? Let me know when you've had enough!
  • It's not over stupid bear, see my picture over there!
  • To fill it up is no mean feat, lots of Jiggies make it complete!
  • Pieces that you've left behind, to battle me you must go find!
  • I'm sad to say down there you'll stop, 'cuz I'm safe here at the top!
  • Don't be sure you silly pot, soon I'll have you nice and hot!
  • See these filthy clothes I've got, when I've won you'll wash the lot!
  • Stop using cheats in my tower, you are getting all the power.
  • Now I will erase your Game Pak, because you had the need to hack!
  • The free trial's over so here's where you're staying, or buy the full game to carry on playing. (She says this after you obtain 3 jiggies only in the XBLA demo version of Banjo-Kazooie)

Treasure Trove Cove[]

Bubblegloop Swamp[]

  • First you see it, now you don't, the fast one wins, the slow one won't!
  • I'll be young and Tooty old, before you get Gruntilda's gold!

Gobi's Valley[]

Mad Monster Mansion[]

  • Oh, those lovely thorns, how they've grown, music to my ears as you moan!
  • I can't believe you went in there, wash your hands now, filthy bear!
  • These two guests are rather dumb, let's make sure they're unwelcome!
  • Yes I'm mad, my boot I'll put, up your useless spooky butt!
  • Big oak door is very tough, stupid bear's not fast enough!

Rusty Bucket Bay[]

  • My oily water, in you plunge, you'll lose air while in that gunge!
  • Under the scum you'll breathe your last, 'cuz air is used twice as fast!
  • Stupid bear, you'll have to learn, that red hot ovens tend to burn!
  • A simple task you were sure, but Grunty's engines start once more!

Click Clock Wood[]

  • My bramble field makes you yelp, and loss of life it sure does help!
  • You'll use your air up double fold, I've made this water double cold!
  • Yes that's right, swim under there, icy water takes double air!

Grunty's Furnace Fun[]


  • Welcome all, Grunty's the name, Banjo's here to play my game!
  • My lair is done and there he stands, through all my tricks and traps and lands!
  • This final test will see me win, when Banjo fails then I'll be thin!
  • The prizes on this stand bring joy, from Tooty down to cuddly toy!
  • My little quiz will make you sweat, and Tooty you shall never get!
  • 'Cuz somewhere soon along the way, your lack of skill will make my day!
  • 'Cuz in the fiery pit you'll go, and I will win the prize on show!
  • So step on over to the square, press A button (N64) to try it if you dare!
    • So I see you're back to try, one more time but you will fry!


  • A little answer's all I seek, about this game you furry geek!
  • A visual challenge you stupid bear, to tell me who is it or where!
  • A question on the sounds I play, get it wrong to make my day!
  • Just one chance to get this right, win a joker and help it might!
    • Each joker card that you have got, will skip your question, that's your lot!
    • Press B button (N64) to use it you little cheat, when on a square you get cold feet!
    • Your joker misses out on a square, accept the test you did not dare!
  • Prepare yourself to take a whack, pick this test, you won't come back!
  • I think it's time, so let me see, how much you know of little old me!
  • Get this wrong for Grunty's sake, then a lava bath you will take!
  • Try this one, but don't be lame, you'll lose a life and lose the game!


  • The name of your game you must spell, backwards though, be quick as well!
  • Mighty Big Box you must now fight, but be quick as the time is tight!
  • This is tough, your chances are slim, of you eating more than him!
  • Little stings that make a bear shout, whack them all before time's out!
  • The tiles await for you to match, time is tight but that's the catch!
  • Watch as the turtles sing their song, repeat it quick, you won't get long!

Answering correctly[]

  • A lucky guess, you got it right, the next square's yours without a fight!
  • Hear the crowd, they boo and hiss, to see you fail they would not miss!
  • That's a secret, how did you know? Did my sister tell you so?

Failing a square[]

  • Fail a square and you'll feel pain, please press A button (N64) to try again!
  • Get more wrong, yes that's the way, the crowds are happier today!
  • An easy challenge you have assumed, one more wrong and you are doomed!
  • No lives are left, he burns and chokes, I'm pleased to say that's all folks!

Collecting an item on the board[]

  • An extra life, I do not care, It will not help you scruffy bear!
  • The energy that you have found, won't stop me making Tooty round!


  • No one can win, I was assured, by the makers of this board!
  • It's not fair, I want to win, how I longed to be real thin!
  • Now you can take the prize on show, while up the winding stairs I go!
  • You won't catch me, I've made sure, all the credits you'll now endure!

Top of the Tower[]

Banjo and Kazooie entering[]

  • I can't believe that furry pair, got right up here it's so unfair!
  • But now the stupid bear must fight, this battle tests your skill and might!
  • Back once more, you'll never learn, that suits me fine, your butts I'll burn!
  • Who's back up here, oh my word, it's beaky fool and hairy nerd!
  • I can't believe you're up here again, stupid bear and dumb bird brain!
  • I'm not one to brag or boast, but after this you'll both be toast!
  • So you're back, you must be thick, you'll lose again, I'll make it quick.

1st Phase[]

Gruntilda gets hurt[]
  • Ouch my butt, it's now quite sore, I'll make you suffer, that's for sure!
  • What was that, you got me now, you've really angered this old cow!
  • A glancing blow, nothing more, now I'll knock you through the floor!
  • Now you've got me in a fluster, faster spells I'll have to muster!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[]
  • Did you hear that lovely clack, my broomstick gave you such a whack!
  • AAAH! I see it makes you sad, to know your skills are really bad!
  • I hit that bird right on the beak, let it be the end of her cheek!
  • My fiery blast you just tasted, Grunty's spells on you are wasted!
  • See the swoop and how I flew, my broomstick made a meal of you!
  • Hopeless bear runs to and fro, but takes a whack for being so slow!
  • Mmm. I see you took that one, a few more and your life is gone!

2nd Phase[]

  • It's too easy, so I fear, now watch me step things up a gear!
  • Don't hit me, that's quite enough, I think you'll find the next bit tough!
  • That last hit did clip my ear, but you can't get me over here!
  • Ah, it's time for me to change, my spot to put me out of range!
Gruntilda gets hurt[]
  • That didn't hurt, I feel no pain, Grunty's back to fight again!
  • AARGH! I'm slow with all of this lard. That egg of yours caught me off guard!
  • I can't dodge with all this weight, those nasty eggs I sure do hate!
  • Ouch! My gut you nearly hit, if your shot was down a bit!
  • This spot is proving rough, I'll have to move to make it more tough!
  • That wasn't fair, I wasn't ready, I feel all faint and unsteady!
  • Ooof! I took another whack, but watch me give you double back!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[]
  • So I got you there once more, I knew your skill was very poor!
  • Simply put I'm rather proud, your yelps and screams I heard quite loud!
  • Hah! You took another zap, I got you through that little gap!
  • Grunty's fireball you did kiss, you're so slow I can hardly miss!
  • You're so sad and little lame. I moved on keep playing this game!
  • Hear the fireball fizz and bang, your hairy butt took quite a clang!

3rd Phase[]

  • Off I fly 'cuz then we'll see, if you can get the best of me!
  • Did you know I learned to fly? At witch's school, I'm sure you know why.
  • A big old gal I may be, but when I fly you can't get me!
  • Old Bottle Brain has taught you well, but bears can't fly and I can tell!
  • Now I'm off into the air, leaving Banjo way down there.
  • See my broomstick, watch me fly, I'll beat your butt, don't even try!
  • Up in the air I'll be safe, at my leisure your butt I'll strafe!
Gruntilda gets hurt[]
  • Another hit, I'm getting weak, I really need to take a leak!
  • ARRGH! You got me once again, prepare to take this sizzle brain!
  • Oooh! You sniveling little pup, have this bolt, I'm speeding up!
  • YOW! That beak sure gave me a jolt, so you can have this here lightning bolt!
  • Ouch! Now that one really stung, take this nasty spell I've brung!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[]
  • This broom is hard and as it streaks, across the sky it chafes my cheeks!
  • Fireball fizz and fireball fly, blast that bear out of my sky!
  • Another hit, that's how it goes, watch me fly and pick my nose!
  • Soon you'll lose and when you've gone, I have to go and use the john!
  • Grunty's spell your body numbs, an easy task to hit those bums!

4th Phase[]

  • I may be old and rather wide, but underneath this shield I'll hide!
  • That pointy beak did not miss, but let's see it get through this!
  • Look at me I'm quite a mess, here's a shield to hide my dress!
  • A special shield I need to call, to stop your hits once and for all!
  • So Grunty doesn't come to grief, here's a spell I can hide beneath!
Jinjo statues appear[]
  • Come on then you little punks, Grunty's spells will make you chunks!
  • I hid those Jinjos really well, but must have used a lousy spell!
  • I hid you well for being bad, don't help the bear, you'll make me mad!
  • So your little furry friends, come here to share your very end!
Gruntilda gets hurt[]
  • How that Jinjo stung and burned, he got me when my back was turned!
  • That's unfair, I wasn't ready, Jinjos make me so unsteady!
  • Hey, that Jinjo really hurt, now I'll rub you in the dirt!
  • That wasn't fair, I wasn't ready, I feel all faint and unsteady!
  • I hold on hard and grit my teeth, to stop it dangling underneath!
  • Useless Jinjos sneer and hoot, go back right now or taste my boot!
  • Ooh! Those nasty pointy beaks, are causing swelling in my cheeks!
  • Don't hit me you flying pig, my anger is now growing big!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[]
  • Your stupid friends aren't much help, they stand there while I make you yelp!
  • Your silly friends upon their blocks, they're going to take a couple of knocks!
  • Your Jinjos really are a joke, now watch your lives go up in smoke!
  • Another hit, I don't believe, you didn't dodge, why don't you weave!
  • Get used to that, there's plenty more of other nasty spells in store!

5th Phase[]

  • Useless broomsticks I can't stand, it's left me stranded back on land!
  • That last shot I failed to stop, so down onto the ground I drop!
  • My broomstick failed with that last blow, now on my legs I have to go!
  • Ooof! You've winded me all around, to catch my breath I'm on the ground!
  • I've bet you thought you had me beat, but look! I've landed on my feet!
Jinjonator appears[]
  • What's all this, how dare you cheat, but I don't care, I can't be beat!
  • That's no good you stupid jerk, the Jinjo statue will not work!
  • I really think you ought to run, when I beat him and spoil your fun!
  • That rocky moron can't hurt me, 'cuz Grunty will the winner be!
Banjo and Kazooie get hurt[]
  • Hear the fizzle and feel the pain, you're going to lose a life again!
  • Spells rain down upon your head, you stand no chance when I see red!
  • The bear is dumb, the bird's a twit, 'cuz I just got another hit!
  • I'm just warming up right now, such fine shots from this old cow!
  • Grunty's aim is rather good, if you could run, I know you would!
Jinjonator attacks[]
  • I could take these shots all day, there's no way I'm going to sway!
  • See your Jinjo fail to work, he's nothing but a feeble jerk!
  • Your crafty plan stands no chance, I'm firmly rooted in this stance!
  • There's no way he'll shift my bulk, I watch you cry and have a sulk!
  • Even with your extra friend, I know you'll meet a nasty end!
  • Grunty's strength will see me through, when Jinjo's gone, I'll batter you!
Attack succeeds[]
  • That last Jinjo has finished me, but who laughs last we shall soon see!
  • I'm done for now, hear me choke, but look what's hidden in my cloak!
  • Poor old Grunty, set to fall, upon this spell I'll now call!
  • AARGH! I'm beaten fair and square, before I go I've got this to share!
  • It's all over I can tell, but Grunty's got just one more spell!
Magnet Spell[]
  • Here's my Magnet Spell at last, run and hide you won't get past!
  • Magic spell, seek out your prey, it's sure to hit, O' happy day!
  • See this spell, I think you'll find, its target will be your behind!
  • Here is a spell of Banjo homing, get him now to stop his roaming!
  • It's now time to end your fun, here comes a spell you can't outrun!

Game Over[]

  • Banjo's game ends in my tower, turn it up, I need full power!
  • Look at Grunty she's a beauty, I'm much prettier than Tooty!




  • No, no, no, this cannot be! What happened to little old me?
  • I hate bones, a body I need, can you help with this little deed?
  • Right then, girls, let's fix me up, then Banjo's hairy butt I'll whup!
  • Leave it to me, he's no hassle! I'll kick butt, then off to the castle!
  • Revenge is mine, I cannot miss, let's see that furry fool dodge this!
  • Hold on, sis, I'm nearly there, I've just been to blast that bear!
  • No, no, Klungo, you stay here, I'll be back, have no fear!

When B.O.B. scene starts[]

  • Come on, sisters, time I lack! What's the plan to get my body back?
  • Oh... If I must.
  • An evil and heartless plan, I like it! How long will it take to suck up enough life force?
  • So start blasting!
  • Mmm... That cursed Jingaling has just given the furry fool a jiggy. I reckon we should blast the Jinjo King!
  • Never mind him, what about that traitor Jingaling?
  • Ha, ha, ha! He's just a zombie now!
  • Right then, girls, let's blast the whole island!
  • Pah! I wouldn't worry.
  • Banjo's got no one to help him now that mole and Jingaling are gone. He'll never get to us in time!

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge[]


  • With the Mecha-Grunty Klungo's made, Banjo's favor will be repaid.
  • I'll steal Kazooie and in a blast, I'll use my suit to change the past.
  • Without his bird, Banjo's lost, I won't give up at any cost!
  • Now I have your feathered friend, on my sisters I won't depend.
  • With this duo split in two, there's nothing that I cannot do!
  • Hold tight, Kazooie, we'll move quite fast, to travel back into the past.

Breegull Beach[]


  • Captive breegulls are the best, they work all day without a rest.
  • Now that I have trapped Kazooie, Banjo I can make chop-suey.
  • Look, Banjo's here without Kazooie's beak! No doubt your efforts will be weak.
  • You won't hurt me much without a bill, so I hope you've written out your will!

After beating[]

  • My defeat was a surprise, I think the sun was in my eyes!
  • I'd better get this suit upgraded, the bear alone I underrated.

Spiller's Harbor[]


  • Kazooie seems a little bitter, she should be my heavy hitter.
  • Since she's stayed by Banjo's arm, I'm going to have to do her harm!

After beating[]

  • This jumbo-mecha really stinks, a few small holes and it just sinks.
  • But when I meet you in my tower, I won't hold back, I'll use full power!

Grunty's Castle[]


  • Thank you Klungo, that's fantastic, to stop the bear my plans are drastic.
  • If this won't work, you know what to do, 'cos I'll be counting on plan two!

After beating Grunty at the first battle[]

  • Don't think you've beaten me so quick, I've got a plan, I'm not so thick!

Before starting a quiz[]

  • Now you've entered my fair castle, I'm giving you lots of hassle.
  • Before you go up a floor, I'll test your brain a little more.
  • With an answer is correct, with button A button (GBA) you can select.

After finishing a quiz[]

  • Drat, I'll see you at the next fight, it seems you got the answer right.
  • Hah, you got the answer wrong, I don't think you'll be living long.
  • This quiz is great, it builds my power! It's time to see you on the tower!

Final Boss Battle[]

  • The time has come to end this game, the future cannot be the same.
  • To your destruction you both race, of bear and bird I'll leave no trace!
  • My victory will be most splendid, when I rule all, and your life's ended!

After beating the final boss when you get 10/12 hits[]

  • Although you've smashed my mecha-suit, don't think you given me the boot.
  • Now I trapped you on my tower, I'll crush you with my ghostly power!

After beating the final boss when you get all 12/12 hits[]

  • AAAH! This can't be, my plan's a ruin, it's all Banjo and Kazooie's doing!


  • Why are my henchmen fools and twits? That Mecha-Grunty just fell to bits.
  • Klungo!! Get here now! Be quick! This defeat makes me feel sick!
  • Listen Klungo, save your shoulder, you'll never shift this massive boulder.
  • If you insist on getting blisters, first send a message to my sisters!

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts[]


  • Eight long years to bounce back here. I'll win this time and make you cheer!
  • Yes, it's me, you podgy fool. I'm back again and ready to rule!
  • At least I haven't got a gut. Let's rumble now, I'll bite your butt!
  • Your name is odd and you look a bit queer, So tell old Grunty, what brings LOG here?
  • That sounds like a preposterous ruse. What'll you do if we refuse?
  • My body's gone, but not my eyes. All I see is a pack of lies!
  • Bird was bad in our last game, now it seems she's extra lame!
  • Too slow losers, watch me go! I'll win this time, I just know!
  • While you've slept I've become a mechanic, building my Gruntbots to make you panic!
  • So birdbrain gets a nice new wrench, well what do you have for this lovely wench?

Showdown Town[]

  • Hey there bear, go fetch me a drink. I'm getting hot and my armpits stink!
  • After some deep consideration, I'll treat this farce as a free vacation!
  • Your feathered friend is such a joke, where are the "funny" lines she once spoke?
  • The race is on, the game is afoot, Banjo's chances just went kaput!
  • With special abilities left on the bench, all you have is that stupid wrench!
  • I came all the way to take you down, to bust your butt and reclaim my crown!
  • A bear, a bird, and a Lord of Games? How nice to have rivals so shockingly lame!
  • You must think you're a champion bruiser, all I see is a fleabag loser!
  • This town is such a confusing place, I'd slap the planner across the face!
  • Is it just me or is your nose square? The fans will hate it, you butt-ugly bear!
  • The Safehouse is open, the police are coming, I'll just stand here innocently humming! (opened a trap door tower)
  • You've open up more Showdown Town districts, shame they're full of freaks and misfits!
  • Jinjos and Jiggies? Bottles and Mumbo? Remind me again why I came back, dumbo!
  • My Gruntbots are out there causing trouble, smashing those cretinous worlds to rubble!
  • Spiral Mountain isn't so great, but it's Grunty's slice of real estate!
  • My body's not mine and my skull's all cracked. You still can't beat me and that's a fact!
  • You must have gone mad from Kazooie's blabbing, lazing around for years in that cabin!
  • I'll build a car from sticks and twine, and still outclass your best design!
  • All those years since we've butted heads, and still you're wearing those horrible threads?
  • Hunting Jiggies, I don't see the point. Why drag us here to this dead-end joint?
  • You're stubborn, bear, I can't deny it. If this goes wrong, I'll start a riot!
  • You can't beat me good in this game, I'll still come out as an eyeball or brain!
  • Beating my challenge, I think you're so clever. Your next success approximately never!
  • Can't be long from until the finale? Don't put too much faith in the Jiggy tally!
  • You were so porky and in such a mess. I'm stunned you got this far, I confess!
  • That smell doesn't mean I'm starving to worry, it's what happens after a Dingpot curry!

Nutty Acres[]

  • Now, what's this before my eyes? A coconut of such a size!
  • The Loco Coco this must be. Soon it's Grunty's, wait and see.
  • With a nut so big, so hard and strong, to flatten the farm won't take too long.
  • Loco Coco, you'll soon be mine. I'll ace this place before bedtime.
  • The Loco Coco is lost for all time, all I have left is my talent for rhyme!

LOGBOX 720[]

  • Porky bear needs to move a lot quicker, to stop the glubber being used as cat litter!
  • I'll give you a chance, since I'm no gloater. Race me to stop Piddles leaving a floater!
  • My plan's destroyed, you're in the top rank. This cat's worse than Klungo if I'm being frank!
  • Persistence pays off, I've always found! I've rebuilt my boat for another round!


  • Thick-witted bear and feather face, do you know why I'm here in this dreary place?
  • No, you fools, I came to lay waste. But it's already trashed. I should have made haste!
  • Fine then, freaks. I'll wreck it some more! Now don't interrupt my childish chore!
  • Useless bear, come here and fight! I stayed up building this thing all night!
  • Where are you, bear? I'll pound you flat, and wear the bird as a novelty hat!
  • You've taken the spring right out of my step. I've got to stop losing, it's ruining my rep!
  • Looks like I'm thwarted good and proper. This thing's become a hopping cropper!


  • Water Polo, it's the finest of sports, I'll never lose to a bear in shorts!
  • I scored all those goals in my first try. Beat that, you can't! Now don't you cry!
  • All those balls, and you won't come close. Just try it and you'll end up toast.
  • I'll bash and block, ram and charge! Competitive Grunty giving it large!
  • Stop looking so smug, you brainless bear! You trounced me, so what? I don't even care!
  • 9-Ball is my latest game. Grunty's the hustler, that's the name!
  • My new weapon's rather glorious. I'll smash your balls and be victorious!
  • You can't do that, it's just not fair! You pay the price, you sweaty bear!
  • Don't spoil my fun, you furry clown! You set 'em up, I'll knock 'em down!
  • You're cheating now, come on, come clean! Don't interfere with my machine!
  • These laser blasts were meant to break you. It's going wrong, I really hate you!
  • This laser makes me hard to beat. Bend down and kiss my warty feet!
  • Thanks for nothing, stubborn fool. You're undermining my new tool!
  • You took me out without missing a trick. You scruffy old bear, you make me sick!
  • I'm working hard to cause you grief. Now lose the torch you Jiggy thief!
  • Dropping stuff is tons of fun! I'll drown or squash you as you run!
  • I see you're making one last dash. Do try to dodge the massive splash!

Terrarium of Terror[]

  • See my vehicle, I'm proud to man it! Full of surprises and bad for the planet!
  • This vehicle guzzles so much gas, destroying more ozone with every pass!
  • Don't get in the way, your plans will flop! I'm hard to see and harder to stop!
  • I'd curse if this game had a higher rating, your confidence is so nauseating!

Spiral Mountain[]

  • You can whip the game worlds and trounce the town, don't think for a minute you'll keep me down!
  • My body was still, but my mind was racing, inventing new vehicles to give you a pacing!
  • You underestimate my cunning, hear my plan and then start running!
  • My minions have built them, I knew they'd look after me. I'll claim this place while you slave in that factory!
  • Goodbye Spiral Mountain, hello Grunty Acres! You two, prepare to meet your makers!
  • This monster truck's something, it can't be denied! I'll flatten you into the mountainside!
  • My truck's been scrapped, but I'm not one to fret. We're just getting started, don't celebrate yet!
  • You'll walk the plank for that, I swear. Roll on stage 3 of this epic affair!
  • So much for stealth, it wasn't just enough. You want me to give up with dignity? Tough!
  • You're still in my way, that's typically thoughtless. I'll size up the options inside this fortress!
  • My pirate galleon should be more successful. Avast ye swabs! You'll find this quite stressful!
  • It's time I switched to a stealth attack. If you can't even see me, how can you fight back?
  • The fortress is breached! Its defenses smashed! My vehicle options are dwindling fast.
  • Behold the broomstick, our last fight approaches! I'll sweep you aside like troublesome roaches!

If hit[]

  • I know you're not a fan of mine, but this behavior's out of line!
  • Don't pick on me, 'cause I'll fight back. I'll show you Grunty's breath attack!


  • How I lost I fail to see. A three time loser I cannot be!
  • Leaving me here was a big mistake! Just wait for the devious game I make!

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