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Grunty's Castle is the last level of Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge.

It is a very old version of Gruntilda's Lair set 20 years in the past and is only accessible through a Witchy Warp pad in the hat's doorway. A nearby head of King Jingaling suggests that it used to be suspended in place of the Grunty head. Some speculate this as a sign of the entire Jinjo population living in Spiral Mountain.

Upon entering there are 3 battles. One with Gruntilda, one with Klungo, and then finally a final battle with Mecha-Grunty on the castle's roof. A short quiz show of three to five questions separates the fights. This is usually called "Grunty's Quiz".

Points of Interest[]

  • The Grunty Pad
  • The Quiz Show
  • Top of the Tower
  • The Final Grunty Pad



  • None


  • None

Extra Honeycombs[]

  • None

Grunty Switch[]

  • Through the entrance
  • On top of the tower


Grunty's Quiz Questions[]

To beat Grunty's Quiz, you need to have a basic knowledge of general things in levels, be able to beat the mini games, know where objects or characters are located, what makes what sound effect, and the different songs from every world. In this game, Grunty doesn't ask trivia questions (supposedly too much for the GBA cartridge). The only things she ever asks are as follows:

  • Where is this?
  • Where would you see this?
  • Can you beat this game?
  • What makes this sound?
  • Where would you hear this?

If you have played through the game and payed attention to your surroundings, you should be able to get past the quiz section with ease.