Haunted Shack
Game(s) Banjo-Kazooie
World(s) Mad Monster Mansion
Jiggies involved 1
The Haunted Shack, also known as Tumblar's Shack, is located near the Haunted Church. Outside it appears like a normal shack. The shack has some holes in the wood that shine light. On the roof of the shack are some Musical Notes. For whatever reason, the interior of the shack appears to be much larger than it looks on the outside.

Inside the shack is a giant Ouja Board. On the border of the room are tiles of letters and Gruntilda's face. On the floor is a picture with Gruntilda, Banjo, and Kazooie in it. In the middle of the room is Tumblar, a glass cup. Tumblar is upside down with a Jiggy trapped under. Tumblar says he (or she) will give you the Jiggy to you if you can spell BANJO KAZOOIE within the time limit. To start, you jump onto Tumblar. As you spell, a purple Tee-Hee appears. Unlike the other Tee-Hees, this one circles around the border instead of chasing you. If you go on a Gruntilda tile, you lose a Honeycomb. If you complete the minigame, Tumblar disappears leaving a Jiggy behind.

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