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The Heart of Click Clock Wood is a small hub world where the Exit Pad is located on a stump, in the middle of a small island, circled by a small stream that forms a ring. From four directions of the stump, are paths leading over bridges towards the four doors, leading to the four seasons of Click Clock Wood. Under the bridges, you can find golden feathers. As you enter for the first time, near to Autumn's Entrance, you find the Spring Switch in which'll open the Spring door.



  • This hub only has four Musical Notes, located near to Spring's entrance.
  • The Heart of Click Clock Wood is one of only two places of Click Clock Wood as well as Spring to allow Bee Banjo, whilst the rest do not. This is probably so that Bee Banjo could go through to Gruntilda's Lair in order to get the Witch Switch Jiggy.
  • It is the only area in Click Clock Wood to have rain, leaves and snow fall in the exact same area, though only near to doors to their respectful seasons.