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Hotheads are tiny imp-like creatures composed entirely of fire. Although they first appear on The Inferno ride in Witchyworld, they are mainly seen flying across the hazardous cliffs of Hailfire Peaks. Hotheads are relatively weak, but their swooping attacks can easily knock an inattentive player off of safe grounds.

The Hotheads in Witchyworld are invincible, but the ones in Hailfire Peaks can be taken out with Ice Eggs or aerial attacks.These enemies can be annoying because their attacks are well-timed and be really hard to hit them.For example,when I watching a person play,that person's Rat-a-tat Rap won't even budge,even when these hotheads came down.Warning!!! These enemies near lava on the Fire side of Hailfire Peaks can knock into lava!


  • They have the same name as the enemies from Mario and Kirby.

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