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An Inky is a giant octopus enemy found deep beneath the seas in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. These creatures are found in 4 narrow underwater tunnels and will stay in one place to block the paths leading from one area to another, while attempting to whack Banjo and Kazooie with their many tentacles. They cannot be killed, but can be temporarily frozen with an Ice Egg in the face or by using the Submarine's sonar ping attack.

Alternatively, they can be avoided by just speeding through the path using Kazooie's Talon Torpedo ability and activating the Warp Pad on the other side.


  • Inkies highly resemble Blue-Ringed Octopi.
  • Freezing all 4 in the XBLA game unlocks the achievement "Calamari Bonanza"
  • Inky is also the name of an enemy from the"Da Blob" series.
  • Also, like Gnawty, Inky resembles another Donkey Kong Country enemy. In this case, the Croctopus.